Friday, November 09, 2018


I haven't played FIDE rated tournament for donkey's years, and when I finally played one last month, I made an effort to find out about the way to calculate FIDE rating. After browsing through the materials, I found a website, ELO Calculator, which really helped me in this aspect. My calculation showed that I lost 3 points from my FIDE rating after the tournament. 

When the latest FIDE rating was published last September, I found mistakes, at least involving me and my teammates ratings. Here are the mistakes:

Yours Truly

According to chess results, I played against 5 rated players with 4/5 results. However, according to FIDE rating website, I only played against 4 rated players with 3/4 results. My rating changed from 2014 into 2011.

Baharuddin Hamzah

According to chess results, Baharuddin played against 3 rated players with 1/3 results. However, according to FIDE rating website, he played against 4 rated players with 1/4 results. This leads to him being deducted up to 16 points for losing to lower rated player whom he didn't meet at the tournament (Syed Abdul Rahman Syed Mohd)! I don't have to stress that this player gets 10 points for defeating Baharuddin then.

There are others who are affected also because of these mistakes. I hope the organiser and FIDE will rectify this promptly.


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