Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The newest MCF rating is here. There are so many changes for Kelantan players, so I just like to review them briefly. You can see your rating at the right hand corner of my blog. Overall, there are ups and downs. There are also so many new players, many of them juniors, entered this January.

However, one obvious mistake from this January list is that not all the players have the abbreviation for Kelantan 'KLT' beside their names. All of the juniors are given the KLT, but most of the adults are not. There are senior players playing for Kelantan recently voice this out, and I would like to help them getting this 'title' also. I am the highest player who have this 'KLT' title, and it is perplexing that even our IM does not have it beside his name. Not to mention the PCNK secretary himself, Mr. Nik Ahmad Farouqi, who also is not given the recognition. So, in order to correct this mistake, I implore all the Kelantan players to be registered with the PCNK so that I, as the one who is responsible for the database, can update the list and send it to the MCF.

Another mistake is that there are still double entries. I found that Mohd Ezmi Mahmood, rated 1706 is the same person with Muhd Ezmi Mahmood (1549). One more person is Muhd Muhaimin Muhd Tarizi (1293) who is the same person with Mohd Muhaimin Mohd Tarizi (1221). You can also inform me of the duplication when you come across one of them.

Monday, January 16, 2012


At last, one of my last year's resolution was actually achieved. I reviewed them in my previous post before the January rating comes out, so I thought that I failed to achieve all of them. Therefore, I had to adjust my resolution for this year, especially pertaining the MCF rating:

I want to achieve 2100 FIDE rating.
I want to attain 1800 MCF rating.
I want at least 3 students from Tumpat representing Kelantan.

I will review the rating changes for Kelantan players in my next post. If you are that anxious, you can see your rating here.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I'm sharing with you here an ongoing game against an online opponent in We can see that Black just endured a 'wait and see' policy by placing his pieces on the first three rows of his kingdom. How can I (playing White) continue from this diagram?

Saturday, January 07, 2012


Akhirnyo ado pulok petandinge kat Kelate nih. Meme hok kito tunggu2 doh ni Tertutup Kelate. Mace hok kito janji doh, petandinge ni jadi acaro tahune doh. Tahniah PCNK atah usoho murni nih. Jadi, jange tunggu lamo2, daftar selaluh! Segalo maklumak hok perlu kawe letok bowoh ni:

Formak: 9 pusinge Swih
Maso: 45 menek soghe
Tepak: Blok A, UiTM Mache, Kelate
Haghi: 27 & 28 Januari (Jumaat & Sabtu)
Yure: ikok ketegori

Tebukok Jate nga Tino samo2 RM30 (tapi kalu jadi ahli PCNK RM20 jah)
Bowoh 18 nga bowoh 12 RM20 (tapi kalu jadi ahli PCNK RM10 jah)

Pah lagu mano nok jadi ahli? Sene jah, isi bore, baya RM5. Tapi keno tengok la syarak2 duluh:

1. Beranok di Kelate, IC 03, 28 nga 29.
2. Dok Kelate, belaja atau kijo (sekure2nyo 2 tahun)
3. Penoh wokel Kelate
4. Ayoh atau mok ada IC 03, 28 nga 29 (ghasonyo oghe tuo takdok IC 28 nga 29 nih)
5. Alamak Kelate dale IC.

Pah lagu mano nok tahu ketegori? Selaing dari tengok umor dale IC dan jengok dale seluar, syarak2 khas untuk budok2 ado jugok. Mano2 budok jate hok rating MCF lebeh dari 1599 keno maing ketegori Tebukok Jate. Mano2 budok tino hok rating MCF lebeh dari 1299 pulok keno maing ketegori Tebukok Tino.

Maklumak lanjot gi la jengok blog PCNK.

CONFIRMED! It is a Scam

EASY! Complete this survey and you will get up to RM150 a day!

I put the above ad in my blog for nearly 3 weeks. The purpose was just to test whether it is a scam or not. I wanted to experience it myself because it sounded just too good to be true when you just have to complete a survey and earn some money. I also implore my friends in Facebook to join it, because I want to beat the minimum requirement of drawing the money in the fastest time possible. Today, I reached the minimum sum of USD1000 required for the payment. I pushed the payment button and, as predicted, nothing actually happened, apart from 'The (payment) application was created. Please, wait....'

Sorry for my friends who were involved in this scam because of me. I was duped myself before start googling for 'survey faq scam' and found many websites on this matter.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I'm very pleased to see that the 1st Kelantan FIDE Rated Round Robin tournament had produced several more FIDE rated players from Kelantan. Below are the lists taken from PCNK website:

Kelantan players in Top 100 Malaysia

2. Md Nor Azahari - 2120
9. Syed Azizi Abd Rahman - 1876

Other active Kelantan FIDE Rated players

Baharuddin Hamzah - 1862
Wan Mahadzir Wan Sulaiman - 1848
Marzuki Yaacob - 1842
Nik Mohd Nazri Nik Hassan - 1835
Mohd Amin Mohd Noor - 1835
Mohamad Ezmi Mahmood - 1805
Muhd Ariez Azman - 1750
Norazlin Juarih - 1521

Inactive Kelantan FIDE Rated players

Ahmad Maliki - 2254
Mohd Musa Al-Ashaari - 2005
Mohd Bukhari Yahya - 1837
Izuddin Ahayat - 1742

However, there are several others who maybe are overlooked by PCNK:

Muhd Aizuddin Che Hassan - 2155
Muhd Suhaib Mohd Azmi - 2030
Ahmad Nurdin Mohd Azmi - 2012
Wong Yinn Long - 1696


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