Friday, June 24, 2011


The chess activities in Kelantan is slowing down. Even the bloggers do not update their blogs with news and information. The culmination of which, the non-participation in the upcoming MAKSAK chess tournament which will be held in Perak next month. I received a text from my fellow Johor MAKSAK player, that he was shocked when he saw that Kelantan did not take part in the draw for the group matches. I asked our captain, and he confirmed that Kelantan would not send a chess team this year, the state opted to alternately send the carrom team this year when the honour had been given to chess and dart teams last year, which I unluckily dropped out because of my father's death. Now I have to train for next year, hopefully it will be the chess team's turn.

Let me mourn this decision alone.....

Friday, June 17, 2011


I downloaded all the results from Terengganu Chess Association's site. Looks like Kelantan players were still far away from other states' level. The two reps from Tumpat also did not perform well. Congratulations to both Wan Mohd Adli (10th in Boys Under 18) and Nik Mohd Haziq (9th in Boys Under 12).

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I just watched Deathnote 2 again, because I was not satisfied with the chess position where L was playing alone while waiting for his death. And sure enough, I found that the position was not in the liking of any good chess player.

From the position, L moved the Black Knight to f6, then the White pawn to d4. It was also hard to determined whether the Black King had already moved or just plain misplaced.

I am really against the film makers who do not consult any chess players when setting up the board and expect us to believe that the character is truly a genius!

Saturday, June 04, 2011


Actually, I wanted to put 'Does My Chess Life blog destroy Kelantan's chances in MSSM?' as the topic for this post, but after due consideration, I acted against it.

Admittedly, I, pretty much like all Kelantan chess enthusiasts, am feeling a little anxious right now as to how our MSSM team is doing in Penang. However, we are lucky because Gilacatur is there to update the results of the ongoing championship in the MSSM 2011 blog.

Nevertheless, the purpose of this particular post is not to update the result, rather to write whether My Chess Life (MCL) really is destroying the team's chances in MSSM.

As we all know, MCL posts about Kelantan's chess developments and news, and sometimes posts games played by Kelantan players completed with notes and analysis.

I was called to write on this topic because recently, there was a person who badly wanted the Kelantan Closed 2011 bulletin, which I think would be used as a preparation for his team if paired against the Kelantan team.

In my humble opinion, we, as a chess player, must always improve ourselves. We don't need to worry about somebody studying our games because we must always have something in our sleeves so that we will not become too predictable. There really is no question of 'revealing too many secrets' when we are really prepared for the games.


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