Monday, June 30, 2014


Pic courtesy of ayamori
Somebody once told me that if we put somebody at the wrong place, disaster will happen. Or in this particular case, nothing happens. Six months are a lot of time to do something, and it is plenty of time also not to do anything. Although patience is a virtue, patience also has its limits. Not improving one's performance is considered bad in any religion, especially in Islam, so we have to do something in order to change what is considered to be the deadwood; the non-productive elements in our life. 

However, to make a change to an organisation, we have to work in groups. Discuss and determine together what are the non-productive elements in our organisation before casting them out. There should be no preference whatsoever; nobody is bigger than an institution. We can always replace those deadwood with better ones, and the organisation will continue to move on.

Hopefully, and I mean, hopefully, I will also move on.


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