Friday, July 15, 2016


After a week long of Hari Raya holidays, Tumpat chess players started up their engines and, for the first time ever, headed to SMK Sungai Pinang for the selection. It was a good venue for chess, and a good additional choice of venue for next Tumpat selections. As far as I know, the selections have so far been held at SK Kampong Laut, SMKA Falahiah and also SMK Chabang Empat. For your information, other districts have also held, or are currently holding, their selection: 

Tanah Merah (12-13 July 2016)
Pasir Puteh (13-14 July 2016)
Kota Bharu (16-17 July 2016)

Tumpat selection was held for only one day (13 July 2016) and all categories recorded very satisfactory attendance amidst the exams and school programmes:

U12 Boys (34 players)
U12 Girls (25 players)
U15 Boys (25 players)
U15 Girls (21 players)
U18 Boys (34 players)
U18 Girls (23 players)

Total : 162 players

There were 9 secondary schools and 7 primary schools sending their players for the selection: 

SMK Chabang Empat
SMK Kampong Laut
SMK Sungai Pinang
SMK Kutan
SMK Mahmud Mahyiddin
SMK Geting
SMK Tumpat
SMKA Falahiah

SK Berangan 1
SK Kutan
SK Kampong Laut
SK Palekbang
SK Pulau Beluru
SK Pengkalan Kubor 2
SK Padang Pohon Tanjung

The Tumpat District Officer himself handed the prizes to the winners after his motivating speech of urging the sports glory to rival Tumpat being the number one district in Kelantan in the academic achievement.  

Personally, only one player from my school won the top prize in her category. Nor Muniera Farhin, a fifth former, made it a priority to win the chess selection even though she is a target SPM student for this year. The others were first timers and did not make the Tumpat team. 


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