Thursday, May 27, 2010


Andrew Ooi (GilaChess) has taken an initiative to put all Malaysian Chess blogs in one page. If you think that we have 5 local chess blogs now, think again! There are more than 20 chess bloggers in Malaysia.

Visit the page here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Obviously, the revenge I took against Bakri Jusoh at the recent Kelantan Closed was the sweetest. I lost to him twice already, and surely the third would confirmed his status as my bogey opponent. I was black this time, and I opted for more piece play rather than pawn push. The final position reminiscent of Topalov - Anand last championship game, with the battery of the Queen, a Bishop and a Rook completely toppled Bakri's King. He resigned on move 36.

This was my final attack. He took the poisoned pawn at a6 and thought that he could get away with it. But his escape was imaginary...

White: Bakri Jusoh
Black: Yours Truly
Kelantan Closed 2010
Round 4

33.Nxa6 ...

This Knight is doomed after taking this poisonous pawn. The blockade at d4 is necessary to prevent the opening of the dreaded diagonal.

33... d4!

A very powerful move, opening the diagonal at the cost of a pawn. An attack on the Queen, coupled with the threat of threatening the a6 Knight and at the same time threatens a checkmate on g2 should decide the game.

34.exd4 Qb7

The point. However, 34...Qd5 is better (see diagram).

35.Rf3 Rxf5!

An elegant finish! White resigns. 0 - 1

Friday, May 21, 2010


About every Malaysian chess blogs has advertised this tournament. But just to help the organizer who directly emailed me the details, I must put this in my blog too. The prizes are worthy of a long journey, and you can even get a free chess set if you are among 200 first participants, not to mention 2 digital clocks up for grabs in the lucky draw.

All the details here.


UKM is a very active chess venue nowadays, thanks to Abdul Haq who is still taking postgraduate studies there. The latest installment of the National Closed, now renamed the National Chess Championship, will be held at the prestigious DECTAR from 16th - 20th June 2010. The male contestants will fight for the Tun Hussein Onn trophy while their female counterparts will battle for Tan Sri Sabbaruddin Chik trophy. While it is not known that a female player's likelihood to play in the men's event, but it is still a possibility. We have yet to see a female player dominates Malaysian chess scene, but we will still pray for a Judith Polgar to arise. Who is your best bet though? NWM Alia Anin? Or WIM Siti Zulaikha?

Kelantan will bank on its champions Syed Azizi, Nik Ahmad Farouqi and Nasrul Humaimi while in the female category, Siti Nur Afiqah and Najihah Mohd Saufi will bear Kelantan's flag.

The official entry form can be downloaded here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Kelantan players will be hovering around SMK Sri Aman, Pasir Puteh for their central training starting from 23rd - 27th of May, 2010. MSSD Tumpat players know that place very well, for they stayed there during the MSSK, and they ill advised all the other players to bring their own bedsheets, just for precautionary measures.

Good luck to all, and train hard, because training makes perfect!

The MSSM will be held at Kangar, Perlis from 6th - 12th June 2010.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I shouldn't have underestimated this chap, especially after he creamed Nik Ahmad Farouqi in Round 4. I know nothing of him then, but I know now after I was put down to earth in Round 5. He went on to beat Baharuddin in Round 6 in his road to become the undefeated champion and the representative for Kelantan in the National Closed. The other representative is Nik Ahmad Farouqi, whom I lost to in the last round.

The final top ten results:

1. Syed Azizi Abd Rahman (unrated) - State representative
2. Nik Ahmad Farouqi (1867) - State representative
3. Nasrul Humaimi (1561)
4. Baharuddin Hamzah (1497)
5. Muhd Bakri Jusoh (1636)
6. Rosmizal Ibrahim (unrated)
7. Muhd Ariez Azman (1649)
8. Yours Truly (1681)
9. Bad Bishops (1491)
10. Alif Omar Mohd Saufi (1417)

More stories at BadBishops and CaturKelate. Full results uploaded by arbiter Muhammad Arshad at

Friday, May 14, 2010

The selection for Kelantan's representatives to the National Closed 2010 will be held today at the Putra Hall, SMK Putra, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The very best of Kelantan players will vie for 4 places provided by the MCF; the winners being fully sponsored by the Persatuan Catur Negeri Kelantan. However, there are also cash prizes to be won, so be there. You might get your first national rating also!

The results will be uploaded at chess results website.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Everything seems to go against him; the delayed arrival, the age, and even the venue favour Topalov, but the determination and hard work of GM Viswanathan Anand helps him to retain the World Chess Championship title.

And boy he did it in style. Game Twelve of the championship provides an excellent testimony of Anand's prowess - his attacking instinct even when playing the Black pieces. The Lasker variation of the Queen's Gambit Declined was the choice to contain Topalov, and the latter's blunder helped Anand to establish a long diagonal into the heart of his opponent's defense. The Bishop, the Queen and the Rook worked together to open up Topalov's King through mating attacks, and Topalov had to give up his Queen in order to prevent it. The Knight and Rook were never a match for Anand's Queen, thus resignation was the result.

I watched the whole game excitedly, brushing aside the sorrow of Malaysia's loss to the Japanese in the Thomas Cup when Hafiz Hashim played poorly and lost to Shoji Sato.

I signed an e-card for him. Click here to sign the card for The Champion.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anand could not coordinate his pieces in Game 8


Today is the last game of Anand - Topalov encounter. With the score still tied after Game Eleven, Topalov will surely relish his advantage of playing the white pieces tonight. Anand lost Game Eight in cruel fashion when he could not coordinate his pieces well after the exchange of Queens. Even though it resulted in different coloured Bishops, the passed pawn on d6 tied Anand's Bishop to its defense. With the opponent's Bishop immobilized, Topalov pushed his pawns merrily without fear. Game Six, Game Seven, Game Nine and Game Ten all drawn, meaning whoever wins tonight's game will be the winner. If however the score still tied, the followers will surely see 'The lightning kid from Madras' again!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Mitok maah ko anok-anok Kelate hok nok maing pemilihe Jumaat Sabtu nih, tepak maing kito pindoh ko Dewan Putra, SMK Putra, KB. Harap-harap sumo pakat kaba deh, takot ado hok g U i kecik T M lagi. Tepak ni dah konpem, jadi jange malu-malu, daftar ko email bendo-bendo nih:

1. Namo penuh
2. Nombo IC
3. Alamak
4. Rating MCF atau FIDE kalu ado
5. Nombo kontek

Deadline Khamis deh, ingak tu. Sapo-sapo hok nok suh hantar surak jempute ko dio (terutamonyo budak2 sekoloh) silo bagi email @ no fax sekoloh demo. Kawe hantar secepak mukeng. Maklumak lanjuk tengok blog PCNK sinih.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Wan Nurhazirah created a sensation when she beat Wan Zarif Sofea in Round 4 of the tournament. Moreover, Zarif's agony was limited to only 15 moves by the time she was checkmated. Although the game was far from a masterpiece, it was surely a memorable one for the Tumpat lass.

MSSK Kelantan
Round 4
White: Wan Nurhazirah (PPD Tumpat)
Black: Wan Zarif Sofea (PPD Pasir Puteh)

Annotation by Cikgu Azizul

1.d4 e6 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.c4 d5 4.e3

Zarif tried to seduce Nurhazirah into playing the French, but the latter comfortably stayed within the realm of the Queen's Gambit.

4... Nc6
This is rather an awkward move. Queen's Knight usually develops after the c-pawn advance so that the Queen has more breathing space.

5.Be2 h6

Before the game, Nurhazirah told me that Zarif likes to play moves like h6 and a6. I explained to her that such moves are unnecessary and weakening, and advised her to continue with her development.

6.O-O Be7 7.Nc3 Ne4

Now this move created a pawn weakness for Black. After the exchange of Knights, the advanced e-pawn will be hard to defend.

8.Nxe4 dxe4 9.Nd2 f5

An ugly move, but quite necessary if she was to defend the e-pawn. Now the weakness of 5... h6 will be apparent.

An inaccuracy. A check at h5 was mandatory.

10... b6??
Zarif failed to see the danger. Luckily Nurhazirah did not miss the chance to check for the second time. Now Black's position crumbled.

11.Bh5+ Kd7 12.d5 exd5 13.Qxd5+ Bd6 14.Qxf5+ Ke7 15.Qf7# 1-0

Finished in style. Congratulations!

Saturday, May 08, 2010


After gruelling three days and two nights at the event, two stars were born. Mohd Alham Zuhri and Wan Nurhazirah made PPD Tumpat proud by representing the state team in the upcoming MSSM.

The results:

Boys U-12

5.Muhd Alham Zuhri 6pts
12.Amir Syariefuddin 5pts
13.Wan Muhd Syazwi 5pts
35.Muhd Zaiful Zulhizman 4pts
57.Muhd Ikram 2pts

Girls U-12

15.Wan Nur Fatin Athirah 5pts
30.Siti Zubaidah 4pts
35.Nur Amani Balqis 4pts
41.Anis Nadhirah 3.5pts
63.Nur Nadzirah 1.5pts

Boys U-15

18.Abdul 'Azim 5pts

24.Haris Daniel 4.5pts
30.Muhd Alif 4pts
39.Muhd Faris Aiman 3.5pts
42.Muhd Aiman Zakwan 3pts

Girls U-15

26.Marlida 4pts
35.Auni Maisarah 4pts
38.Wan Naemah 3.5pts
43.Nur Izzatul Elanie 3pts
54.Nur Husna 2pts

Boys U-18

8.Wan Muhd Zikri 5.5pts
23.Arif 4pts
29.Abdul Haiyi 4pts
33.Rithaudin 4pts
36.Hafidzi 3.5pts

Girls U-18

4.Wan Nurhazirah 6pts
17.Siti Sarah 5pts
34.Tg Haryani 4pts
43.Fatin Amira Syakira 3pts
49.Nur Faizeen 2.5pts

Some interesting facts about the team:
  • The team resided at SMK Sri Aman, Pasir Puteh together with PPD Pasir Mas team.
  • 5 selected players could not play for the tournament and were replaced by others. The replacements did remarkably well themselves.
  • The players, all of whom are Muslims, prayed congregationally at the hostel's surau.
  • The team ate and took a rest in between the pairings at Block F of SMK Dato' Ismail.
  • Cikgu Azizul accidentally killed a kitten under his car at the residential hostel. The same car punctured a tyre the next day at the same hostel. Bad omen?
  • Wan Nurhazirah beat Wan Zarif Sofea in round 4 in just 15 moves.
  • Several members of the team were taken by Cikgu Azizul for a stroll at the Bisikan Bayu beach. They got lost returning home from the beach. Naemah also lost her name tag.
  • Nor Izzatul Elanie is a master shuffler.
  • The boys lost their friendly football game against Pasir Mas' boys. Faris was our top scorer by putting in 2 own goals.
  • Every meal was accompanied by iced tea. The girls hated it.
  • The girls training was from 9-11pm at the girls prep room. The boys training was from 11pm-1am at their dorm. Both trained by Cikgu Azizul.
  • The girls celebrated one of the members' birthday by cutting a small cake.
  • Amir Syariefuddin was the target before the tournament. He had sportingly gave way to Muhd Alham instead in the last round because of a weaker tie-break.
  • Zaiful Zulhizman got his first point in round 3 and lost the point (literally) in round 5. He however got it all back after the final results were confirmed.
  • Wan Muhd Zikri lost a place in the state team because he did not consult Cikgu Azizul before his game against Abdul Haiyi. They drew the game when it should be given to Zikri for his superior tie-break.
  • Haris Daniel was hit with shingles (kayap). He went home separately.

Pictures of Tumpat team:


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