Thursday, May 31, 2012


The schedule for the most awaited MSSM event has been finalised. The games will be held from 4th - 8th June 2012. However, registration starts from 2nd June. Here is the full schedule:

2nd June - Contingent registration
3rd June - Managers meeting
4th June - Players meeting and Game 1
5th June - Game 2 and 3
6th June - Game 4
7th June - Game 5 and 6
8th June - Game 7 and Closing ceremony

All the best for Kelantan Red Knights. We will always pray for you all.
The detailed schedule can be read at Terengganu Chess website.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I got news from Muhammad bin Arshad's website about the coming MSSM. It will be held at the state's stadium in Batu Burok from 4th to 8th June. After three years of holding MSSM chess in hotels, now Terengganu has taken an initiative to hold the championship in a stadium. I was told by Kelantan's official that they are afraid to lobby for the championship to be held in Kelantan only because of having to find hotels. Now that the venue has changed, I sincerely think that Kelantan is ready to become the host in the near future.

For more information, please visit his blog here.

Some images of the stadium::

Not this stadium
But this stadium (I think)

Sunday, May 13, 2012


The playing hall in SMK Tanah Merah 1

Kelantan MSSK Chess Championship started with a controversy. However, it ended yesterday with a success. The selected players are worthy of their places on the Kelantan bus for the trip this year to Terengganu. The battle this year was very intense; there were no clear winners for each category, except the Male U-18 where Fadhil Aiman from Kuala Krai led the pack with a clear point advantage. One note of importance - Kelantan contingent will bring a dark horse to the nationals; Nor Laila Sari, an orang asli from Gua Musang, who creamed everybody in Female U-12 category up to the 6th round!. Even though she eventually lost her 7th round game and drew the last, she still managed to get third placing.

Nor Laila Sari (left) from Gua Musang

The final results:

Male U-12

1. Nik Muhammad Haziq Najmuddin (KKR) 6.5 points
2. Amirudin (KKR) 6.5 
3. Muhammad Syakir (KKR) 6.5
4. Mohamad Alif Afnan (PMS) 6.5
5. Muhammad Faiq Syahmin (PPH) 6
6. Saiful Izzat (KKR) 6 !

Male U-15

1. Muhammad Ikmal Hakimie (PMS) 7
2. Ahmad Syafiq (MCH) 6.5
3. Muhammad Adam Hafiz (KBU) 6.5
4. Wan Mohamad Amirul (KBU) 6.5
5. Muhammad Izani (KKR) 6
6. Mohamad Hilmey (KKR) 6

Male U-18

1. Fadhil Aiman (KKR) 7.5
2. Mohd Fadhil (PPH) 6.5
3. Wan Mohd Aqli (KBU) 6.5
4. Mohamad Fareez (KBU) 6
5. Mohd Lukman Hakim (MCH) 6
6. Ahmad Farhan (KBS) 6

The winners. (pic courtesy of Fatini Irdina)

Female U-12

1. Nik Nurmiza (KKR) 6.5
2. Nurul Izzah Aqilah (KKR) 6.5
3. Nur Laila Sari (GMG) 6.5
4. Nur Faqihah Irdina (PPH) 6.5
5. Siti Sarah (KKR) 6
6. Hasya (MCH) 6

Female U-15

1. Siti Nur Afiqah (KBU) 7
2. Najihah (PPH) 6.5
3. Nur Arafah (PPH) 6.5
4. Nik Nur Najihah (KKR) 6.5
5. Fatih Nor Sahariah (KKR) 6.5
6. Azmira Hanoon (KKR) 6

Female U-18

1. Alia Farhana (KBU) 7.5
2. Nur Ain Syahirah (PPH) 7
3. Normawaddah (KBU) 6
4. Tuan Razwaniey (PPH) 6
5. Zaati Nabilah (MCH) 6
6. Azlini (KBU) 6

Tumpat players, try again next year

There was no joy for Tumpat players this year. I will not point out anything in particular, but this year was very different from previous year in every way. But all that could only be explained in one word - COMMITMENT. In order to succeed, everybody has to give their utmost commitment. The players, the officials, the teachers and also the PPD itself must play their part if we are to continuously send players to represent Kelantan to the national championship. 

Nevertheless, congratulations to all winners and GOOD LUCK!

As for representatives from my school, especially Maznie, thanks for your commitment in trainings. Their results were good enough to make me proud to be their coach:

Maznie lost to the eventual winner, Siti Nur Afiqah, in round 7

Female U-15

8. Maznie (6 points)
24. Nurul Asyikin (4.5 points)
32. Nur Izzatul Elanie (4 points)

Female U-18

32. Engku Nur Aishah (4 points)

Thanks to Restoran Budiman for the lodging

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Who will get on that Kelantan's bus? The answer will be revealed after this three day event held at the SMK Tanah Merah 1 hall, Tanah Merah. Chess players from 10 districts will battle it out in 6 categories to get that exclusive ticket to this year's MSSM Chess Tournament which will be held at Terengganu this coming school holidays.

Again, here are links for some of the district selections (click to go to the links):

There will also be bulletins of last year's Kelantan Closed and Kelantan Rated Tournament. You can get them at reasonable price of RM10 each. However, if you buy both of them, there will be a discount. Here are the covers of the bulletins.

 The bulletin consists of all the FIDE rated games for the 1st Kelantan FIDE Rated event held ever in Kelantan. There were 5 FIDE rated players and 7 challengers who each got FIDE ratings once the tournament was over. There are 66 high standard games inside for the reader's pleasure.

Price: RM10.00

 The selection for Kelantan's representation in 2011 National Closed tournament can be found in this bulletin. There were intense battles in all rounds as players battle it out to become Kelantan's representatives. At the end, Nik Ahmad Farouqi managed to pip the title from last year's champion, Syed Azizi.

Price: RM10.00

Thursday, May 03, 2012


The host, Tanah Merah, held its selection on 2 - 3 May 2012. The results:

Under 12 Male

1. Mohd Amirul Asyraf (SK Nik Daud)
2. Lukmanul Izzat (SK Nik Daud)
3. Muhd Hanif (SK Nik Daud)
4. Aizad (SK Sri Suria 3)
5. Muhd Khairul Amiruddin (SK Sri Suria 2)
6. Nik Muhd Irfan Firdaus (SK Batu Gajah)

Under 12 Female

1. Nurul Syafiqah Izzaty (SK Nik Daud)
2. Nur Shazreen Zulaika (SK Nik Daud)
3. Amalia Syabilla (SK Nik Daud)
4. Nur Faqihah Amni (SK Nik Daud)
5. Nurul Hana (SK Batu Gajah)
6. Nurul Shafiqah (SK Nik Daud)

Under 15 Male

1. Muhd Syazwan (SMK Ladang Kerilla)
2. Ahmad Bukhori (SMK Ladang Kerilla)
3. Muhd Zaim (SMK Datuk Mahmud 1)
4. Loh Yung Shen (SMK Datuk Mahmud 1)
5. Tio Yu Xuen (SMK Datuk Mahmud 1)
6. Khairul Anam Zamir (SMK Tanah Merah 2)

Under 15 Female

1. Yap Minle (SMK Datuk Mahmud 1)
2. Nur Shahida (SMK Tanah Merah 1)
3. Nushamimi (SMK Bukit Bunga)
4. Siti Hajar Nursyafiqah (SMK Bukit Bunga)
5. Nur 'Amilyn (SMK Tanah Merah 1)
6. Akmal Adina (SMK Tanah Merah 2)

Under 18 Male

1. Muhd Izzudin (SMK Tanah Merah 1)
2. Muhd Zharif (SMK Tanah Merah 1)
3. Muhd Imran Hashimi (SMK Tanah Merah 1)
4. Mohd Kamariezal (SMK Tanah Merah 1)
5. Koh Kiat Huang (SMK Datuk Mahmud 1)
6. Arif (SMK Tanah Merah 1)

Under 18 Female

1. Nur Fatihah (SMK Tanah Merah 1)
2. Nur Najiehah (SMK Tanah Merah 1)
3. Siti Nabila (SMK Tanah Merah 1)
4. Nurul Ain (SMK Ladang Kerilla)
5. Bak See Kei (SMK Datuk Mahmud 1)
6. Akmal Adibah (SMK Tanah Merah 2)


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