Wednesday, February 26, 2014


UiTM Machang will hold the first open chess tournament in Kelantan this year. It will be held this Saturday (1 March 2014) at Block D. Early registration via email is encouraged. For further details, please read the poster.


Friday, February 14, 2014


Tomorrow, Tumpat will hold its selection at SMKA Falahiah. 174 players will be competing in 6 categories to be the district representatives this year. They will surely strive hard to have a go at breaking into Kelantan top 36 in order to fly towards the nationals which will be held in Sarawak next month.

The schools involved are: 

SMKA Falahiah
SMK Sungai Pinang
SMK Wakaf Bharu
SMK Dato Bijiwangsa
SMK Chabang Empat
SMK Geting
SMK Mahmud Mahyiddin
SMK Kampung Laut
SMK Berangan
SMK Tumpat

SK Palekbang
SK Pulau Beluru
SK Kampung Laut
SK Kutan
SK Berangan 1
SK Chenderong Batu

We are surely missing MRSM because of technical problems. However, it is hoped that the players selected will proudly represent the district and uphold its name by improving on last year's achievement of 1 state representative. 


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