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Google Street View of SMKA Naim Lilbanat, Kota Bharu

The venue for Zadano Kelantan Open has been confirmed. It will be held at Haji Yaacub Hall, SMKA Naim Lilbanat, Kota Bharu. It is situated at Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra and is easily accessible by any kind of transportation. 

Some of the hotels and accommodations nearby:

For reminders:

The closing date is 22 December 2014.

Sunday, December 07, 2014


New Castle Chess Solution (NCCS) was instrumental in gathering several Kelantan hardcore chess players prelude to the Kelantan Open by holding a blitz chess tournament. Like the previous Deepavali Blitz, this tournament was also held at a football playing venue - a futsal court. It really strengthens the notion that chess is indeed a sport, not merely a recreation game like some argue. The tournament details are as follows:

Date: 6 December 2014
Time: 3 - 6 pm
Venue: 7F Futsal Centre, Kg Seterpa, Peringat, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Format: 7 Swiss Rounds
Time Control: 10 minutes per player per game
Fees: RM5.00

Sponsored by several other individuals apart from the NCCS, which include Rozhisham with the medals, Azlin with the Detox patches and Nik Azhan with MILO packets, the tournament attracted 24 players:

1. Alif Omar Mohd Saufi
2. Mohd Saufi Deraman
3. Muhd Khairul Ikmal
4. Norazlin Juarih
5. Wan Mahadzir
6. Nasrul Humaimi
7. Najihah Mohd Saufi
8. Muhd Haziq Rhozisham
9. Asomuddin Mohd Safi
10. Mohd Faridzul Asyraf
11. Nik Nur Nadzirah
12. Nik Anisy Syakirah
13. Roslee Alias
14. Marzuki Yaacob
15. Muhd Zudi
16. Nik Mohd Nazri
17. Muhammad Ariez Azman
18. Wan Tarmizi
19. Wan Mohd Azmie
20. Syed Azizi
21. Faiz Zakaria
22. Yusnizam
23. Azfarziyad
24. Yours Truly

In the end, Yours Truly managed to claim top spot by holding the Deepavali Blitz chess champion, Nasrul Humaimi, to the draw and winning the rest. I was extremely lucky to be able to hold my pieces together in the fast games as I really do think that I am only suited for classical time control nowadays. Nevertheless, the games were enjoyable enough and you readers are lucky I am able to recall all the 7 games. 

Click on the game headers to view the games.

It started as a Najdorf but it quickly turned into a Sveshnikov, albeit with the White knight on b3 instead of a3. After I was able to force White to take with a pawn on d5, Black controlled the centre viciously. 

Position after 24...Qb6

I was trying to be clever by taking the Black undeveloped Knight at b8 but was foiled by a check by the Black Queen at a5. Black should have punished my mistake, but instead he blundered away two minor pieces. The rest was history.

Position after 7... Qa5+

Morra Gambit revisited. I used my preferred line, but was nearly crushed by the young Kelantan scholastic champion. The push f5 was uncalled for, and I barely survived the onslaught. Luckily, I was saved by an illegal move with 1 second to spare.

Position after 17...f5

English is Marzuki's specialty, and playing it against an English teacher can be considered 'cocky'. However, I chose a wrong timing to push d5 and was hit by an avalanche of pawns. However, he wrongfully adjudged the exchange sacrifice and crumbled badly. 

Position after 10...d5

I made a mistake by placing a Bishop at the vulnerable d6 square and was punished by an alert Dr Nasrul. He took the opportunity to double his Rooks on the c-file and nearly got away with the point. However, I managed to secure the draw by leaving the opposite coloured Bishop on board. 

Position after 14.Bd6

I was able to develop quickly because of his opening choice but it was not decisive until he decided to give away a pawn on e7. Latching onto the opportunity, I quickly doubled the Rooks on the e-file and put him under intense pressure. Sure enough, another crucial pawn in front of the King was given, and with it, the game.

Position after 23.Nxg6

I always try to prove that the Trompovsky Bishop should not be surrendered because it will leave the b-pawn unguarded, and I usually accept a doubled pawn to lure its demise. My Queen and dark-squared Bishop were bossing the dark squares and White found it hard to develop his pieces because of this. As a result, White gave away a centre pawn in the middle game and this proved to be enough for me to win the endgame and the tournament. 

Position after 19...Bxe4

The final results:

Some pictures courtesy of Rhozisham and also Empty Bench:

Family duel between siblings living miles apart
Cozy playing venue
The passing of the mantle

The prizes
The matching attires tell us what we need to know

Laksa for everybody

A doctorate and a soon-to-be doctor
 This successfully held event showed several important observations:

1. Kelantan chess players are hungry for chess tournaments which are a rarity in Kelantan nowadays.
2. It does not require a huge amount of money to gather enthusiastic chess players - they just want to play.
3. PCNK really needs the right people to lead it towards glory and success.


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