Monday, January 19, 2015


Died 18 January 2015, 9.08 p.m.

I had high hopes for him. I regarded him as one of the candidates to ever get a Grandmaster title for Malaysia. Even though I never had a chance to play against him in tournaments, I know that he was a very gifted player. I really like him as a person, even more so because he represented the very same team I once represented - the IIUM chess team. Although the name has been changed into IIUM Mustangs (IIUM Knights previously), it is of the same honour. I once pictured a contest between the current IIUM Mustangs versus IIUM Knights in my post but now, the Mustangs team will never be the same again.

The latest news I have heard about him was when he fell sick in the Malaysian Chess Festival held here in Kuala Lumpur after drawing with Grandmaster Zhang Zhong. He recovered but his death came as a surprise to me. Leaving the world at a very young age is not in anybody's plan yet God's plan is greater. Let us pray together so that Allah grants his place in the heaven.

Here are some pictures taken from fellow chess players in tribute to him:

If you want to share your stories or your pictures with him in this post, please do so in the comments below. THANK YOU.


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