Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The details of the tournament:

Date : 29 March 2009 (Sunday)
Time : 8 am - 6 pm
Venue : Kolej Kediaman Tun Syed Zahiruddin (KK9), Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
Format : Swiss Formats (6 rounds)
Arbiter : Mr Abdul Hamid (MCF)

Fee : RM80 per team (4 persons in a team)
Due date : 22 March 2009
Registration is opened for the first 50 teams.

Lunch will be provided for all participants.

Grand Prizes:
1st place : RM 1,500
2nd place : RM 1,000
3rd place : RM 700

Consolation Prizes:
Best University, Best Family, Best School (RM200 each)

* Each contestant will be given certificates.

* We are also trying to call the medias so that they can do a coverage on this event. You might end up seeing your pics on the newspaper.

For more details, please contact :
Rheitta (director) 013-2006847,
Genga (2nd director) 012-9045391
Rina (secretary) 012-5087379

You can also find more information in this blog. By the way, the college is marked with in the above map (taken from this blog).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Chess=life, and life=controversy, so chess=controversy. And the recently concluded MSSM chess tournament in Jeli is not free from it. Especially on the last day, where tension was at its fullest; where everybody wants to win his game; where every coach wants his charges to succeed; controversies were bound to happen. Actually, one particular controversial accident happened before the last round in the girl under-15 category between team A player and team B girl where the team B player accused her opponent of getting the advantage by pushing the button of the clock with different hands. It became worse when the team B coach intervened as the arbiter of the category, who is from team A district, only gave a warning when the coach insisted there should be a time-deduction penalty. The arbiter walked away from the table, leaving it for his partner, who is from team C, to resolve to matter. Worst still, he left it to another arbiter, apparently from team A also, to solve the problem. The arbiter gave another warning and the team B player continued playing and eventually lost the game, refused to shake hands with her opponent, slammed the scoresheet in front of the arbiter, and walked away crying. The coach also refused to shake hands with the arbiter afterwards, still insisting that the result dented his player's chance to be among the winners.

Now, we take a step back. Let's think how the controversy happened, or should have been avoided. The team A girl had actually used both her hands from the start of the game, mainly due to her ignorance of the rule, but the team B girl did not say anything. When her queen was removed from the board, she started blaming the team A girl of using both hands. Is this because she was taught to play 'dirty' like this by her coach? One could only speculate. Surely sportsmanships are not highly regarded today, as what matters most is winning the game.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Here are more pictures taken in MSSM Jeli, especially involving the Gua Musang team. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ahmad Wafi (left) and Mohd Lokman


The results:

Boys under-12

1. Alif Omar (PPD Pasir Puteh)
2. Noor Hisyam (PPD Kuala Krai)
3. Mohd Lokman (PPD Gua Musang)
4. Ahmad Amar Aiman (PPD Pasir Mas)
5. Ikmal Hakimi (PPD Pasir Mas)
6. Ihab Fitri (PPD Kota Bharu Selatan)
27. Mohd Ikram (PPD Gua Musang)
29. Mohd Afiq (PPD Gua Musang)

40. Fakhri Ariffin (PPD Gua Musang)
58. Ahmad Muzammil (PPD Gua Musang)
59. Mohd Shahrul Nazli (PPD Gua Musang)

Boys under-15

1. Mohd Ahza Daisam (PPD Machang)
2. Ahmad Hafiza (PPD Kuala Krai)
3. Ahmad Wafi (PPD Gua Musang)
4. Wan Muhd Alif (PPD Tumpat)
5. Mohd Fadhil (PPD Kota Bharu Selatan)
6. Wan Mohd Aqli (PPD Kota Bharu Selatan)
24. Mohd Khairul Azman (PPD Gua Musang)
32. Mohd Faizzuddin (PPD Gua Musang)

33. Mohd Zulhusni (PPD Gua Musang)

44. Nor Arrashid (PPD Gua Musang)

48. Mohd Firdaus (PPD Gua Musang)

Boys under-18

1. Ahmad Zulhilmi (PPD Kota Bharu Utara)
2. Mohd Alif Fitri (PPD Machang)
3. Mohd Abhar Akmal (PPD Kuala Krai)
4. Hammad Burhanuddin (PPD Kuala Krai)
5. Zulhashime (PPD Machang)
6. Mohd Noor al-Maarif (PPD Kota Bharu Utara)
7. Mohd Helmy (PPD Gua Musang)
30. Zulkifli (PPD Gua Musang)

33. Mohd Ikhram (PPD Gua Musang)

36. Saiful Azhar (PPD Gua Musang)

46. Mohd Khalimun (PPD Gua Musang)

49. Mohd Khairul Anwar (PPD Gua Musang)

Girls under-12

1. Siti Nur Afiqah (PPD Kuala Krai)
2. Nur Hanis Natasha (PPD Kota Bharu Selatan)
3. Fatih Nur Sahariah (PPD Kuala Krai)
4. Najihah (PPD Pasir Puteh)
5. Wan Nur Farzana (PPD Machang)
6. Wan Ainul Basirah (PPD Kota Bharu Utara)
13. Wan Nur Farzana (PPD Gua Musang)
25. Nur Anis Nabila (PPD Gua Musang)

38. Noratikah (PPD Gua Musang)

55. Siti Nur Haziqah (PPD Gua Musang)

60. Nur Syazwani (PPD Gua Musang)

62. Siti Nur Illyana (PPD Gua Musang)

Girls under-15

1. Wan Aemellia Elisha (PPD Kota Bharu Selatan)
2. Laila Husna (PPD Kota Bharu Selatan)
3. Norazlisa (PPD Kuala Krai)
4. Wan Zarif Sofea (PPD Pasir Puteh)
5. Nur Ain Syahirah (PPD Pasir Puteh)
6. Nabilah (PPD Kota Bharu Selatan)
10. Safinah (PPD Gua Musang)
26. Nur Lidaini (PPD Gua Musang)

30. Nurul Ain Farahanim (PPD Gua Musang)

33. Siti Nuraini (PPD Gua Musang)

35. Norlaila (PPD Gua Musang)

45. Maizatul Nadia (PPD Gua Musang)

Girls under-18

1. Nur Aifaa (PPD Machang)
2. Nurul Wahida Atira (PPD Pasir Puteh)
3. Malihah Athirah (PPD Kota Bharu Utara)
4. Nor Safura (PPD Kuala Krai)
5. Nuraihan (PPD Kuala Krai)
6. Nur Elisa (PPD Pasir Puteh)
16. Halimatu Saadiah (PPD Gua Musang)
19. Noor Hayati (PPD Gua Musang)

22. Siti Rokiah (PPD Gua Musang)

45. Nurul Asmaniza (PPD Gua Musang)

52. Roslaila (PPD Gua Musang)

56. Nurhayati (PPD Gua Musang)

Friday, February 20, 2009


The contingent took off from Pondok Moden early in the morning and arrived half an hour later at the tournament venue. The Anjung Bestari hall was quite big to ensure that all the odd 380 participants feel comfortable to produce high quality games and to focus solely on chess, not other trivial matters. There will be three games for the first day, two games on Friday (due to Friday prayer) and two games will be played the last day. The team started the day with two players getting the full marks (Helmy in the boys under 18 and Noorhayati in the girls under 18) while others with mixed results. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more joy to the team. Overall, the Kota Bharu and Kuala Krai players dominated the standings, followed by the Machang and Pasir Puteh players.

Some pictures from day 1 of the tournament:

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Alhamdulillah, 8 cars filled with 36 students who represent PPD Gua Musang arrived safely in Jeli for the MSSM Chess Tournament held at SMK Jeli starting from tomorrow until this Saturday. As a team from a far, far away place, we had to be here a day earlier and lodged at Pondok Moden in Bukit Nangka, 20 kilometres away from the tournament venue. There were three PPDs stayed there - PPD Gua Musang, PPD Kuala Krai and PPD Tumpat. It was a quite comfortable place without water interruption, complete with a hall (dining hall with a stage) and a surau. After a little training session, the team went to sleep for a much needed rest.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Alhamdulillah, we just finished our selection for students to represent the district of Gua Musang in the upcoming MSSM chess tournament in Jeli later this month. 36 students from various schools made up the 6 categories consisting of boys and girls under-12, under-15 and under 18. From my observation, I found that the standard of play among these students have increased--less stalemates and more spectacular moves happened in the 3 days tournament. What made this tournament more memorable was the participation of a physically disabled student who moved the pieces with his feet. Even though he did not make the final cut, we must applaud his efforts and dedication. Last year's state representative, Md Lokman of boys under -12, also managed to cruise through. The full list of players:

Boys under 18:
- Mohd Helmy (SMK Tengku Indra Petra 2)
- Saiful Azhar (SMK Chiku 2)
- Mohd Khalimun (SMK Paloh)
- Zulkifli (SMK Chiku 2)
- Mohd Khairul Anuar (SMK Tengku Bendahara)
- Mohd Ikhram (SMK Tengku Bendahara)

Boys under 15:
- Mohd Zulhusni (SMK Tengku Indra Petra 2)
- Ahmad Wafi (SMK Paloh)
- Nor Arrashid (SMK Tengku Bendahara)
- Mohd Khairul Azman (SMK Tengku Indra Petra 2)
- Mohd Faizzuddin (SMK Tengku Bendahara)
- Mohd Firdaus (SMK Chiku 2)

Boys under 12:
- Mohd Lokman (SK Paloh 1&2)
- Mohd Afiq (SK Chiku 3)
- Mohd Shahrul Nazli (SK Limau Kasturi 2)
- Ahmad Muzammil (SK Sri Wangi)
- Mohd Ikram (SK Chiku 3)
- Fakhri Ariffin (SK Sri Wangi)

Girls under 18:
- Noorhayati (SMK Paloh)
- Siti Rokiah (SMK Paloh)
- Nurhayati (SMK Chiku 2)
- Nurul Asmaniza (SMK Sungai Asap)
- Halimatu Saadiah (SMK Sungai Asap)
- Roslaila (SMK Tengku Bendahara)

Girls under 15:
- Safinah (SMK Sungai Asap)
- Nur Lidaini (SMK Chiku 2)
- Siti Nuraini (SMK Paloh)
- Nor Laila (SMK Tengku Bendahara)
- Maizatul Nadia (SMK Sungai Asap)
- Nurul Ain Farahanim (SMK Sungai Asap)

Girls under 12:
- Wan Nur Farzana (SK Paloh 1&2)
- Nursyazwani (SK Paloh 1&2)
- Siti Norhaziqah (SK Paloh 1&2)
- Nur Anis Nabila (SK Paloh 1&2)
- Noratikah (SK Limau Kasturi 2)
- Siti Nur Illyana (SK Chiku 3)

Below are pictures from the event:

Sunday, February 08, 2009


PPD Kota Bharu had recently selected their best players for the MSSM Kelantan to be held in SMK Jeli next Thursday. However, their numbers are doubled because the PPD now is divided into two divisions - Northern Division and Southern Division. I don't know the exact borders for each, but I do know that they will pose double trouble in the upcoming chess tournament. The selection was organized in a big hall at SK Chengal from 6th to 7th of February. There were 280 chess players vying for the 72 places allocated for the PPD this year, many of them were last year's state players.

Below are some pictures from the event (taken from MasterChess91's blog):

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I am the coach for my school, and also the head coach for the Gua Musang team for MSSM, but I am still finding the best approach to coach these youngsters. No doubt that there are many potentials in the school team, and many more will be discovered when the district tournament is over next week, but all these will account to nothing if I could not find the best practical way to improve their skills and techniques. Last year I tried to instill everything from the opening to the ending part of the game, but still the younger ones, especially under-12s, made unnecessary moves, or moved against all that been taught. This year, with limited time for the central training compared to last year, I will try to focus only on what I think is necessary for their development. Moreover, I will try to personally coach only several who I think have the most potentials to make any inroads in the state championship.


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