Saturday, May 30, 2009


Thanks for the mention in your blog. The final number of games played was 151. I won 116 games, drew 34 and lost 1. My playing performance was 88%. The match lasted 9 hours 50 mins. The actual number of players was 137. Thanks again.

This is the results for Colin Madhavan's record breaking simul. As mentioned by him personally above, he lost only once from 151 games. Even though I did not fully understand what he said, but we should salute this guy who has a very strong stamina. I myself did simuls when I was at the university (my best there was 15 in a go, beating all of them, university teammates) and in central trainings for the Gua Musang MSSM team (36 students, lost 1), I knew that it was a very demanding task, testing your body to the limit, especially your legs.

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