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At last, the state selection ended. PPD Tumpat, like last year, managed to send two of its players to represent the state in the MSSM. The players are:
  1. Wan Muhammad Zikri Wan Mohammad (Boys Under 18 Category)
  2. Wan Nur Fatin Athirah (Girls Under 12 Category)
The selection, held at MRSM Kuala Krai from 5 - 7 May 2011, saw 64 participants in every categories totaling to 384 junior chess players competing to be the state representatives. The Kota Bharu contingent returned home with the most golds - 5 from 6 categories! Even though the contingent was divided into two - Northern KB and Southern KB - with 12 winners overall, it did not deter the fact that the other contingents still have a lot of catching up to do. Kuala Krai was next with 9 winners in all categories, while Pasir Puteh came third with 5.
  1. Kuala Krai (9)
  2. Northern Kota Bharu (8)
  3. Pasir Puteh (5)
  4. Southern Kota Bharu (4)
  5. Pasir Mas (4)
  6. Tumpat (2)
  7. Machang (2)
  8. Tanah Merah (1)
  9. Jeli (1)
Uniquely, the Boys Under 18 Category saw 6 participants from 6 different contingents, whereas the Boys Under 12 Category was dominated by Kuala Krai. Gua Musang and Bachok did not have a single representative. The names of the winners:

Boys Under 18
  1. Wan Mohd Adli (KBU)
  2. Mohd Fadhil (PPH)
  3. Wan Mohd Zikri (TPT)
  4. Nik Muhd Sharifudin (MCH)
  5. Fadhil Aiman (KKR)
  6. Muhammad Syahmi (JEL)

Boys Under 15
  1. Wan Mohd Amirul (KBU)
  2. Muhd Ikmal Hakimie (PMS)
  3. Alif Omar (PPH)
  4. Wan Muhd Imran (KBU)
  5. Muhammad Adam Hafiz (KBU)
  6. Muhamad Izani (KKR)

Boys Under 12
  1. Nik Muhd Haziq (KKR)
  2. Muhammad Syakir (KKR)
  3. Mohd Firdaus (KKR)
  4. Abdul Manaf (KKR)
  5. Muhamad Akram (MCH)
  6. Muhamad Irfan (KBU)

Girls Under 18
  1. Wan Aemellia Elisha (KBS)
  2. Ayu Anabihah (TMH)
  3. Nabilah (KBS)
  4. Wan Zarif Sofea (PPH)
  5. Norazlisa (KKR)
  6. Aisyah Nabilah (PMS)

Girls Under 15
  1. Siti Nur Afiqah (KBU)
  2. Najihah (PPH)
  3. Laila Husna (KBS)
  4. Nur Ain Syahirah (PPH)
  5. Nik Nur Ain Sabrina (KBU)
  6. Nur Hanis Natasha (KBS)

Girls Under 12
  1. Nur Fatini (KBU)
  2. Nurfatin Aisyah (PMS)
  3. Nik Nur Nadzirah (KKR)
  4. Wan Nur Fatin Athirah (TPT)
  5. Nik Anisy Syakirah (KKR)
  6. Nur Anis Fazliyana (PMS)

Pictures from the event:

The Tumpat Team

Sending a full force in each category, the Tumpat team managed to make the other contingent run for their money. The targets were Wan Nurhazirah (Girls Under 18), Wan Muhammad Zikri (Boys Under 18), Abdul Haiyi (Boys Under 18) and Wan Nur Fatin Athirah (Girls Under 12).

Heartbreak for darling, she only managed to get 7th in her category. She won her games before losing to Aemellia, the eventual champion, in Round 4. Then, she drew all her games before winning her last. Finishing 5.5 points with the strongest tie break did not ensure her a place in the state team.

While Abdul Haiyi only managed to finish 11th when he lost to a player from Machang in Round 7. Although he won his last game, 5.5 points were never enough to secure a top 6 finish.

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