Saturday, July 18, 2009


Kelantan defeated Terengganu in the final round against all odds to clinch 4th place in the MAKSAK Chess tournament held in Kelantan Trade Centre, Kota Bharu. The team, which were nearly kept out of contention after uncharacteristically lost to Pahang in the 5th round, needed to win against last year's champions in order to get a placing. However, boosted by the terrific performance by their first board player, Kelantan, with Yours Truly, Anis Rahimi, Baharuddin, Nik Mazlan, Nik Mohd Nazri and Sahadi in their ranks, got past Terengganu with the likes of Hashim Jusoh, Hisamullah Harun, Norazmi Mohd Nor and Abdul Rahim Ramli with the score of 3-1 which gave them valuable points to leapfrog their opponent. The highlight of the night was the game between Yours Truly and Hashim Jusoh where the latter succumb to time trouble to give Kelantan the most sought after point to overtake them in the final standings.

The final standings (Winners' Pool)

1. Sarawak (18 points)
2. Kuala Lumpur (16)
3. Pahang (14.5)
4. Kelantan (14.5)
5. Terengganu (14)
6. Royal Malaysian Police (11.5)
7. Johor (11.5)
8. Perak (11.5)

The final standings (Losers' Pool)

1. Negeri Sembilan (14 points)
2. Melaka (13.5)
3. Perlis (11)
4. Pulau Pinang (9)
5. Penjara (8.5)
6. Armed Forces (4)

Stay tuned for more results and pictures in the next post.

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