Monday, February 14, 2011


It is so heart-warming to see that there are actually many Kelantan chess players who have National rating (see the right hand side of my blog). However, many of them are included only because I read about them in blog posts, or I was told to include them by their friends. Even the rating list provided by the MCF does not mention the players' state, making it harder for me to track down Kelantan players. As the PCNK committe who is responsible for players database, I have taken a step in compiling the names of all the Kelantan chess players, whether they have a rating or not, for easier reference in future tournaments or events. I created, with the help of my brother who is also a Kelantan chess player, a weblog where they can register their names. Now, I know that this will not result in listing all the players who can claim to be Kelantanese (born in Kelantan, or any requirements as per stated in PCNK blog), mainly because most of them are not Internet-savvy, but it is the first step of completing the database. Nevertheless, the weblog is still short of visitors, or registrants, and I do not see any improvement in the near future. As for now, I welcome any effort you, my fellow readers, can think of for completing this task.

As for My Chess Life, it is the place where I post anything involving my chess activities, hence the title of the blog, and I will use English in conveying my message mainly because there are other blogs such as the PCNK, BadBishop, Naserov or Barbat which are already using the Kelantanese dialects. Don't be put off by reading the posts in English, because I am not only targeting my audience to be from Kelantan only, for that matter, but I am posting for everybody interested in reading it, be it from outside of Kelantan, or worldwide. I want them to also know about our chess activities, as a form of publicity.

Please, help me and I thank you in advance.


n@jd0rf said...

Saya telah mencadangkan agar para pemain KC2012 DIWAJIBKAN terlebih dahulu berdaftar di bawah salah satu Kelab Catur. Buat masa sekarang, 3 kelab catur sedang dalam proses penubuhan =

1. Kelab Catur Darulnaim utk para pemain Kota Bharu dan sekitarnya,

2. Kelab Catur Krai utk pemain2 dari Krai dan Gua Musang

3. Kelab Catur Mache

...BarBatCatur... said...

Bernas sangat tuh...(bukan beras nasional)

GiLoCatur said...

salah satu medium utk dptkan info dan players isi form adalah sewaktu tournaments.

mmg banyak cabarannya utk mengujudkan database ini. salah satu sbb ramai yg merasakan mereka x dpt benefit yg sewajarnya. gone mcm tu sahaja apatah lagi jika melibatkan bayaran.

btw, don't give up. sentiasa buat promosi. kita kena byk2 sabor. keep it up.


NASSERO said...

ambo nok daftar kelab catur darulnaim..ahli seumur hidup.


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