Monday, August 24, 2009


Thank you coach Rizal for enlightening me about the Chess Para Games. Here are the details:

B1 Men - 6 rounds swiss (8 players)
B1 Women - 5 rounds round robin
B2/B3 Men - 5 round robin
B2/B3 Women - Double round robins (4 players)
Physical handicapped men - 6 swiss
Physical handicapped women - double round robins (4 players)
Combine B1/B2/B3 Men 6 rounds swiss
Combine B1/b2/B3 Women 6 rounds swiss

*B1 (means total blind), B2/B3 (means partial blind)

As for the overall medal tally, Malaysia won 8 gold medals, surpassing the initial target of 6 gold medals. It was quite an achievement, and it should be repeated in the next Para Games, inshaAllah.

Here is the link for the overall medal tally for chess.

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