Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Everything seems to go against him; the delayed arrival, the age, and even the venue favour Topalov, but the determination and hard work of GM Viswanathan Anand helps him to retain the World Chess Championship title.

And boy he did it in style. Game Twelve of the championship provides an excellent testimony of Anand's prowess - his attacking instinct even when playing the Black pieces. The Lasker variation of the Queen's Gambit Declined was the choice to contain Topalov, and the latter's blunder helped Anand to establish a long diagonal into the heart of his opponent's defense. The Bishop, the Queen and the Rook worked together to open up Topalov's King through mating attacks, and Topalov had to give up his Queen in order to prevent it. The Knight and Rook were never a match for Anand's Queen, thus resignation was the result.

I watched the whole game excitedly, brushing aside the sorrow of Malaysia's loss to the Japanese in the Thomas Cup when Hafiz Hashim played poorly and lost to Shoji Sato.

I signed an e-card for him. Click here to sign the card for The Champion.

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