Monday, August 02, 2010


National rating July 2010 is out. There are three additions for Kelantan players emerging from Kelantan Closed held last May. Syed Azizi starts strongly at 1799, while two others - Rosmizal and Mohd Hafidz start at 1588 and 1506 respectively. There are also players who increase their ratings, most notably Abdul Haq who increases his rating 113 points from 1829 to 1942 and Nik Mohd Haziq Najmuddin who increases 121 points to stand at 1306 from 1185 previously. However, there is a Kelantan player who gets the most points increment - 182 points! - provided that her name is spelled correctly. This is because previously she was named only Norazlisa with 1141 rating, and now she becomes Norazlisa Ramli with 1323 points (and Norazlisa is not in the July list). In contrast, the most rating decrease suffered by Wan Tarmizi, who went down from 1588 to 1474, a hefty 114 points decrease. Even yours truly drops 9 points to stand at 1672.

It is important to note here that there are two possible double entries:

1. Mohd Fadhil Mohd Saufi (1068) with Muhd Fadhil Saufi (1305)
2. Nor Aifaa (1349) with Nur Aifaa (1263)

One more thing, I thought that MSSM tournament is nationally rated, but there is no results when I typed my students' names who went to this year's tournament.

Nevertheless, you can check your July 2010 rating here (many thanks to gilachess).

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