Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Siti Nur Farahim Syahira won all her games


The selection ended today. It was a close fight in the male categories, while there were clear winners for all the female categories. Faezzah, Maznie and the mighty Siti Nur Farahim Syahira were really a class above the others. The winners for each category are as below:

Female Under 18 Category

Faezzah (MRSM) 5.5 points
Marlida (SMMM) 4.5
Auni Maisarah (SMMM) 4.5
Siti Nurdurrani (MRSM) 4.5
Nur Aishah (MRSM) 4
Nur Raihan (SMG) 4

Female Under 15 Category

Maznie (SMCE) 5.5 points
Amyra Jasmine (MRSM) 4.5
Nor Izzatul Elanie (SMCE) 4.5
Nurul Elliyana (MRSM) 4.5
Nur Amani Balqis (SMF) 4
Nurul Asyikin (SMCE) 4

Female Under 12 Category

Siti Nur Farahim Syahira (SKK) 6
Fatin Kameela (SKCB) 4.5
Siti Hajar Aisyah (SKK) 4.5
Farahiyah (SKK) 4
Nur Nabilah (SKKL) 4
Nur 'Ainani (SKP) 4

Male Under 18 Category

Muhammad Alif (SMWB) 5
Mohd Nasrul Azim (SMT) 5
Muhd Faris Sabri (SMT) 5
Ahmad Shahril (SMMM) 4.5
Muhammad Ashraf (SMF) 4.5
Muhamad Syafiq (MRSM) 4.5

Male Under 15 Category

Muhd Mursyied (SMF) 5
Wan Mohamad Hilmi (MRSM) 5
Harun Asnan (SMF) 5
Wan Muhd Adib (SMMM) 4.5
Abdul Azim (SMF) 4.5
Mohamad Zaiful Zulhizman (MRSM) 4.5

Male Under 12 Category

Nasrul Ubaidillah (SKKL) 5.5
Wan Muhammad Danial (SKK) 5
Muhamad Izwan (SKP) 5
Muhamad Taufik Hidayat (SKKL) 4.5
Mohamad Syahir (SKCE) 4
Mohd Haziq Azrain (SKCB) 4

Congratulations to all winners, especially for students from my school. They really conquered the Under 15 Female Category. While in the Under 18 Female Category, Engku Aishah was denied a place when she lost the last round game. She only needed a draw to be 5th, and the lost put her at 9th. However, I was proud of all their performance because we have been training for some time already and it is time to concentrate on the state selection.

SMK Chabang Empat players

Under 15 Male

26. Muhammad Fa'izi

Under 15 Female

1. Maznie
3. Nor Izzatul Elanie
6. Nurul Asyikin

Under 18 Female

9. Engku Aishah
14. Atikah
15. Nurul Isnani
21. Afiqah

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