Friday, December 14, 2012


This Badbishops is not so bad after all! Winning his last game against Hasidin put him third in the standing thus getting a medal for himself and also helping the Kelantan team to get a placing in the recently concluded Paralympiad 2012. He actually called me to send him our game which discussed the Dutch played early this year in the Kelantan Closed for his preparation (this game is available in the Kelantan Closed 2012 bulletin which insha Allah will be sold at the Kelantan Open this month).

As I said before, home preparation is the deadliest weapon there is in chess. Azlin used this weapon effectively and it paid dividends. So, there should be no more excuses, especially the young players, for being lazy because the evidence is everywhere. There are many ways for those who really want to improve their chess skills and knowledge, including reading chess books or bulletins (preferably that contain your games in it) and also hiring a chess coach.

Once again, congratulations for Azlin and for you readers, enjoy the game!

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