Thursday, March 04, 2010

The tournament hall


After two grueling days, 24 players selected for the district chess team. Congratulations to the winners. The names are:

u-18 Male Category

1. Muhd Nuramin (SMA Falahiah)

2. Abdul Haiyi (SM Mahmud Muhyiddin)
3. Badrul Munir (SMA Falahiah)
4. Arif (SMA Falahiah)
5. Muhd Alif (SMK Wakaf Bharu)
6. Wan Muhd Zikri (SMK Tumpat)

u-18 Female Category

1. Wan Nurhazirah (SM Mahmud Muhyiddin)

2. Marlida (SM Mahmud Muhyiddin)
3. Fatin Amira Syakiera (SMK Geting)
4. Nur Faizzeen (SMK Wakaf Bharu)
5. Tg. Haryani Norlaini (SMK Chabang Empat)
6. Siti Sarah (SMK Tumpat)

u-12 Male Category

1. Amir Syariefudden (SK Chabang Empat)

2. Wan Muhd Syazwi (SK Kutan)
3. Muhd Alham Zuhri (SK Chabang Empat)
4. Muhd Zaiful Zulhizman (SK Chabang Empat)
5. Muhd Ikram (SK Palekbang)
6. Nasrul Ubaidillah (SK Kampung Laut)

u-12 Female Category

1. Wan Nur Fatin Athirah (SK Kampung Laut)

2. Siti Zubaidah (SK Kampung Laut)
3. Anis Nadhirah (SK Kampung Laut)
4. Nur Nadzirah (SK Kampung Laut)
5. Nur Amani Balqis (SK Kutan)
6. Wan Nur Nadira (SK Palekbang)

Praise be to Allah, the tournament was a success in the finding the representatives for the Tumpat district to compete in the upcoming state selection on 8-10 April at Pasir Puteh. Overall, the level of play was good, and can be upgraded through the central training which will be held at the end of this month. However, the turnout was not very good; only several primary and secondary schools sent their players. Maybe because of the students are having their March test right now, so the teachers did not bother to send their team. If we are to find the best talent there is, all schools must send their best, so that the selected players are from the best we can find, not from a bunch of players. Nevertheless, most of the selected were in the team to last year's game in Jeli, so that's why I said earlier that the tournament was a success. Hopefully the central training will do them good, and in turn the players will be state players in the near future.

Tg Haryani Norlaini (SMKCE)

As for my school, there is only one representative from the girls u-18, Tg Haryani. Ahmad Zul Khairi could not maintain his momentum from the first day and succumbed to 2 defeats today, thus missed out on a ticket to the states.

Pictures from the event:

SMK Chabang Empat

SMK Wakaf Bharu

SK Kutan

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