Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Today the selection started. There were about 100 students from 10 secondary and primary schools in Tumpat district competed in 4 categories - under 12 male, u-12 female, u-18 male and u-18 female. Details will be updated tomorrow. Some pictures from the event:

U-12 female

u-12 male

u-18 female

u-18 male

Siti Salmiah (SMKCE)

Tg. Haryani Norlaini (SMKCE)

Nor Izzatul Elanie (SMKCE)

Muhammad Shahril (SMKCE)

Ahmad Zul Khairi (SMKCE)

Mohamad Ashari (SMKCE)

Chaperons - Mrs. Zihamdah and Mrs. Sabrina

In one of my student's game, she missed a chance to save, or better yet, to win her game when she didn't see the devastating en passant move. Black, in her eagerness to drive the defensive Knight away, played 1...f5 from this position:

White should have moved 2.exf6+ en passant with a check. Later in the same game, she completely missed a simple check. Subsequently, she got checkmated. Here is the position (White to move):

White should have played the powerful 1.Qb5+ when Black must return some materials. Sample play : 1... Nc6, 2.Qxc6+ Ke7, 3.Ra7+ and heavy material lost follows.

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