Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nik Nazri - picture taken from Terengganu Chess


Kelantan MAKSAK player, Nik Ahmad Nazri, won the SMACH Open today. He was better than the others with a mere 1/5 points. The final round was tense as no more than 3 players could claim to be the champion. However, Nazri got the point he needed from non other than YOURS TRULY! I was unlucky to be paired against the in-form teacher from Gua Musang in the last round, and lost on time contesting a completely equal position. The other game I lost was against Bakri Jusoh, repeating his feat from last year's Kelantan Closed.

Full results:

Pictures here.


n@jd0rf said...

The tournament started really late. This attitude is still not changing in our chess scene. Chess demands punctuality.

muhammad arshad said...

last minutes registration always a problem.

n@jd0rf said...

But is it the player's (who thinks that he can come to register on the day of the event and passed the registration dateline) or the organizer's (who accepts the registration of the player, even though the dateline has already passed) fault?


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