Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Obviously, the revenge I took against Bakri Jusoh at the recent Kelantan Closed was the sweetest. I lost to him twice already, and surely the third would confirmed his status as my bogey opponent. I was black this time, and I opted for more piece play rather than pawn push. The final position reminiscent of Topalov - Anand last championship game, with the battery of the Queen, a Bishop and a Rook completely toppled Bakri's King. He resigned on move 36.

This was my final attack. He took the poisoned pawn at a6 and thought that he could get away with it. But his escape was imaginary...

White: Bakri Jusoh
Black: Yours Truly
Kelantan Closed 2010
Round 4

33.Nxa6 ...

This Knight is doomed after taking this poisonous pawn. The blockade at d4 is necessary to prevent the opening of the dreaded diagonal.

33... d4!

A very powerful move, opening the diagonal at the cost of a pawn. An attack on the Queen, coupled with the threat of threatening the a6 Knight and at the same time threatens a checkmate on g2 should decide the game.

34.exd4 Qb7

The point. However, 34...Qd5 is better (see diagram).

35.Rf3 Rxf5!

An elegant finish! White resigns. 0 - 1

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