Thursday, October 14, 2010


Only minor changes happened for Kelantan players in October rating. This is due to the fact that not many Kelantan players play competitively nowadays, apart from these few:

1. Mas Hafizulhelmi, who still heads Kelantan rating list, drops more than 20 points to stand at 2270 (previously 2294).
2. Nik Ahmad Farouqi, who gains 55 points to climb over Abdul Haq with a mere 1 point, now stands at 1915 (1860).
3. Abdul Haq loses nearly 30 points to stand at 1914 (1945).
4. Syed Azizi loses 11 points now with 1788 (1799).
5. Muhd Ariez loses 4 points and stands at 1607 (1611).

October rating 2010 can be obtained here and the rating changes can be downloaded here.

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