Saturday, October 16, 2010

The champion, Nik Ahmad Nazri withstands the last hurdle from BadBishop


Nik Ahmad Nazri justifies his top ranking by winning the USM Chessmaster held today. He creamed all his opponents to finish the tournament with 6 points. The absence of many establish names from this event, is the perfect opportunity for Nik Ahmad Nazri to shine. A strong player himself, the teacher from Gua Musang just has to brush aside challenges from Muhd Bakri Jusoh and BadBishop to become the champion.

The hall

Yours Truly's brother, Mohd Hafidz (right), was among the winners

Muhd Bakri Jusoh won his last game against Laila Husna

Yours Truly, who only managed to visit the last round, came across this game between the eventual runner-up and Kelantan brightest female talent.

Black had just moved his pawn to h6, in order to facilitate his Rook to avoid a backrank mate. However, White failed to capitalise on this mistake by moving his Bishop to c7 to initiate a fork. It proved to be an error after Black managed to force the parting of White's Bishop, thus weakening his castled position. The game continued: 1.Bc7 Rd1+, 2.Kh2 Bd6+, 3.Bxd6 Qxd6+, 4.g3 and the castled position was weakened.

Better, in my opinion, was moving the Knight to h4 in view of giving a check at g6. Sample variation: 1.Nh4 Rd1+, 2.Kh2 Bxf2, 3.Ng6+ with a better prospect for a draw.

The final results can be read at

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