Thursday, February 10, 2011


I maybe am a little incensed right now, hence the title of this post, but I think that my anger is justified. The cutback of sponsored quota for state representatives in the upcoming National Closed is demoting Malaysian chess to an all time low. Now I began to think that holding a two-day tournament in order to choose only ONE state representative is a waste of time and energy. I don't want to start on the permissibility of playing chess with the involvement of money in Islam as I had already wrote about it in my earlier post, but I found it difficult to distance Malaysian chess from the word Money, or Cash, or Fulus. Yes, the involvement of money, be it as the prizes or as the maintenance fees, is a must, but surely there are other means to support this need. Where is the federation when we need them the most? What is the privilege of being in a federation if it cannot help those under it?

Now I don't want to put a blame on one side of the argument, and I don't want to post questions without the answers. But bear in mind that these answers are solely my opinions, as everybody is entitled to one:

1. Chess federations, actively do your job. You are expected to take care of your members, not oppress them.

2. Chess players, play your part! Dismiss your desire to play for money, and put the stake of representing the states (or the country, for that matter) in front of anything.

3. Send best players to represent the country. Maybe in 3 or 4 years Malaysian chess will climb up the ranking and open the sponsors' eyes. (Note that I don't want to discuss the selection criteria, as long as the reps are the best that the country can offer)

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