Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I was shocked to learn that the darling of Tumpat was not at the venue today. A miscommunication has led to her being left behind at her school. The only Tumpat player (the other was Alham Zuhri, who already transferred to represent Machang) who represented the state last year cannot do so this time around because of this unexpected mishap. So, hopefully, we will have another (or maybe two) darling this year in the upcoming state selection.

Nevertheless, this year, we have more participants compared to last year. The boys under-18 comprises of 38 players, while the under-15 sees 23 players trying to be the district reps. The boys under-12, meanwhile, has 31 players taking part. On the other hand, the girls under-18 reps can be chosen from 17 players and the girls under-15 category is a battle among 15 players. The girls under-12 playing field hosts 16 players.

Some pictures from the first day:

One of my beginner students managed to get this position where she missed the opportunity to checkmate her opponent. Unluckily, she went on to lose the game. This is the position where she (playing White) had the move:

What was the move that she missed?


NASSERO said...

takkan main tak de jam? walaupun budak2, kenalah train awal2.

awesome knight said...

Nassero: kat tumpat kito ado sistem central time control x payeh nak pakai bnyk2 jam guna jam kat dinding sudah...hehehe

POsition which the player miss checkmate:

the movewhich she should do is playing 1.Nxf6+ (double check from knight & queen, so the black must move king for safety)
1...Kd8 2.Qe8++ checkmate.

what a missed the beautiful finishing...

n@jd0rf said...

nasero: jam ada 4 bijik je... agak2 yg lambat habis tu kita letak jam.. terus kalut.. ahaha.. terus habis game....

awesome knight: you're right.. she's a beginner... learn the moves last week.. today got to represent the district!! i'll post about her next..


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