Friday, April 08, 2011

Is one of these lovely girls the new 'darling'?


Unbelievable! Learnt the moves last week; the rep for PPD Tumpat today! This 17-year-old-to-be was a revelation from the start. She controlled the pieces like she has been playing the game for years. She impressed even me, her first coach, by showing marked improvements from the very first game she played against her fellow beginner friend. It is true after all, that we tend to do something wholeheartedly if we have very high interest in that something. But, on the other hand, if we do something because of others, be it following our friends or adhering to our parents, we will do it disingenuously. This will lead to incomplete work, or work which is below par.

So, has Tumpat got a new 'darling'? We'll wait and see..

As for the selection tournament, it went smooth as planned. The list of representatives for each categories:

Boys U-18
  1. Arif Mokhtar (SMKA Falahiah)
  2. Wan Muhammad Zikri Wan Mohammad (SMK Tumpat)
  3. Abdul Haiyi Ismail (SMK Mahmuh Mahyiddin)
  4. Muhammad Ridhauddin Ab Rashid (SMKA Falahiah)
  5. Muhammad Alif Azmi (SMK Wakaf Bharu)
  6. Wan Muhamad Azmie Wan Abd Rahim (SMK Mahmud Mahyiddin)
Boys U-15
  1. Mohd Syazwi Rahman Mohd Rozi (MRSM Tumpat)
  2. Mohamad Zaiful Zulhizman Mohd Zaney (MRSM Tumpat)
  3. Mohamed Kamal Irfan Mohd Asri (SMKA Falahiah)
  4. Mohd Nasrul Azim Abdullah (SMK Tumpat)
  5. Mohd Asyraf Mokhtar (SMKA Falahiah)
  6. Abdul Azim Ismail (SMKA Falahiah)
Boys U-12
  1. Che Mohd Suhaili Saifuddin (SK Chenderong Batu)
  2. Nasrul Ubaidillah Ab Aziz (SK Kampung Laut)
  3. Muhammad Danial Adnan (SK Chabang Empat)
  4. Mohd Adnin Ramli (SK Chenderong Batu)
  5. Mohd Lukman Yahya (SK Chenderong Batu)
  6. Wan Muhamad Hilmi Wan Zaki (SK Chenderong Batu)
Girls U-18
  1. Marlida Md Nor (SMK Mahmud Mahyiddin)
  2. Wan Naemah Wan Mahmood (SMK Mahmud Mahyiddin)
  3. Nur Faizzeen Mahad (SMK Wakaf Bharu)
  4. Auni Maisarah Rumaizi (SMK Mahmud Mahyiddin)
  5. Siti Sarah Ibrahim (SMK Tumpat)
  6. Nik Shamiera Adnan (SMK Chabang Empat)
Girls U-15
  1. Athirah Mohd Bakri (SMK Tumpat)
  2. Amyra Jasmine Mohammad Rafi (MRSM Tumpat)
  3. Maznie Madri (SMK Chabang Empat)
  4. Nur Rosyahirah Rosman (MRSM Tumpat)
  5. Nurul Asyikin Anuar (SMK Chabang Empat)
  6. Nurul Emiyana Abdul Jamal (MRSM Tumpat)
Girls U-12
  1. Wan Nur Fatin Athirah (SK Kampung Laut)
  2. Zil Ismatil Husna Zahari (SK Kutan)
  3. Anis Nadhirah Mohd Zuki (SK Kampung Laut)
  4. Nik Nur Shameera (SK Kampung Laut)
  5. Siti Nur Farahim Syahira Mohd Asri (SK Kutan)
  6. Wan Nur Nadira Wan Adnan (SK Palekbang)

Some pictures from the selection (click for bigger view):

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