Saturday, June 04, 2011


Actually, I wanted to put 'Does My Chess Life blog destroy Kelantan's chances in MSSM?' as the topic for this post, but after due consideration, I acted against it.

Admittedly, I, pretty much like all Kelantan chess enthusiasts, am feeling a little anxious right now as to how our MSSM team is doing in Penang. However, we are lucky because Gilacatur is there to update the results of the ongoing championship in the MSSM 2011 blog.

Nevertheless, the purpose of this particular post is not to update the result, rather to write whether My Chess Life (MCL) really is destroying the team's chances in MSSM.

As we all know, MCL posts about Kelantan's chess developments and news, and sometimes posts games played by Kelantan players completed with notes and analysis.

I was called to write on this topic because recently, there was a person who badly wanted the Kelantan Closed 2011 bulletin, which I think would be used as a preparation for his team if paired against the Kelantan team.

In my humble opinion, we, as a chess player, must always improve ourselves. We don't need to worry about somebody studying our games because we must always have something in our sleeves so that we will not become too predictable. There really is no question of 'revealing too many secrets' when we are really prepared for the games.


Sudin Isa said...

To win chess need to combine everything. Physical fitness, opening preparation, tactics, endgame and opening. Coach will do the best to help the pupils.

Hiding games will not benefiting chess at all. Good job for selling the bulletin. Players must use it at maximum, or the effort publishing it will be a waste.

n@jd0rf said...

Very true indeed. And I salute you for becoming a FIDE trainer... but for Kelantan.. I was not involved in the State's team training, although I do not really know how effective I will be if selected..


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