Saturday, November 19, 2011


From 4 games, Nik Ahmad Farouqi won three and drew against Nik Nazri which consequently made him top the current standing. However, this was done not without luck. In his game against Yours Truly, Nik, who was duped to play against the Morra Gambit, got away from being crushed in the opening when his opponent failed to see 12.Bxe6 check! (see diagram 1) While in the game against Bad Bishop, Nik once again got away from being a piece down when his opponent missed Bxa6.

On the other hand, Mohd Ezmi won a game against the rated Marzuki convincingly (see diagram 2). Marzuki, who was called upon to replace the 'injured' Syed Azizi in the original schedule, lost both games with the KL based players.

Diagram 1: Yours truly missed 12.Bxe6+

Diagram 2: Final position between Marzuki - Ezmi

All results and standing can be read at the results and standing page.

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