Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The newest MCF rating is here. There are so many changes for Kelantan players, so I just like to review them briefly. You can see your rating at the right hand corner of my blog. Overall, there are ups and downs. There are also so many new players, many of them juniors, entered this January.

However, one obvious mistake from this January list is that not all the players have the abbreviation for Kelantan 'KLT' beside their names. All of the juniors are given the KLT, but most of the adults are not. There are senior players playing for Kelantan recently voice this out, and I would like to help them getting this 'title' also. I am the highest player who have this 'KLT' title, and it is perplexing that even our IM does not have it beside his name. Not to mention the PCNK secretary himself, Mr. Nik Ahmad Farouqi, who also is not given the recognition. So, in order to correct this mistake, I implore all the Kelantan players to be registered with the PCNK so that I, as the one who is responsible for the database, can update the list and send it to the MCF.

Another mistake is that there are still double entries. I found that Mohd Ezmi Mahmood, rated 1706 is the same person with Muhd Ezmi Mahmood (1549). One more person is Muhd Muhaimin Muhd Tarizi (1293) who is the same person with Mohd Muhaimin Mohd Tarizi (1221). You can also inform me of the duplication when you come across one of them.


Wan Tarmizi said...

M.AZANI CHE KOB is also a K'tan player but not in rating list. Please include his name as a motivation for him.


n@jd0rf said...

thank you for the comment.. will do.. :)


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