Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Norazmi Mohd Noor won the UiTM Machang 3rd Open Chess Tournament held today. He only drew his last game after winning all the other five to secure his title. Luck was with him since winning the first round with a walkover all the way to the podium by beating, among others, Nik Mohd Nazri and Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli. His non-existence first round opponent eventually came and got three points to help his solkoff.

Yours Truly, meanwhile, was the other way around. Although seeded third behind Norazmi (who was second) and won with a walkover also for the first round, I lost two games - one because of a wrong middle game move after a huge opening advantage and another one due to bad food service (which was really bad which explained why the restaurant had few clients). To make matters worse, my walkover opponent walked all the way to his home without ever coming back, which explained why I was among the lowest of the 4 pointers. 

Final standing (Open Category):

1. Norazmi Mohd Nor 5.5 points
2. Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli 5 
3. Hashim Mohd 5
4. Fairul Yusoff 5 
5. Wan Mohd Amirul 5
6. Muhd Alfirdaus 4.5
7. Ahmad Zulhilmi 4
8. Nik Mohd Nazri 4
9. Zulkifli Ismail 4
10. Yours Truly 4

The detailed results can be read here (Open) and here (Under 18).

I brought along with me 6 of my charges from SMK Chabang Empat, Tumpat. All except one of them are still in form 2. So, there are plenty of positives to be taken home from their performances. 

1. Muhammad Fa'izi 3 points
2. Muhammad Nur Iman 2 points
3. Nazatul Elisha 2 points
4. Siti Nur Syafiqal 1 point
5. Nik Shamiera 1 point
6. Nur Faeqah 0 points


Uzzir Haslija Jamaludin said...

Boleh saya dapatkan contact number utk en norazmi?

Cikgu Azizul said...

maaf. Saya takde contact number dia.


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