Monday, June 16, 2008


Gua Musang Chess Team 2008

The city of Gua Musang - who would have known that there are chess activities in this rural territory of Kelantan. Even before I come to this city, there already were chess selections for the students who wish to participate in MSSM chess tournaments. Notwithstanding the fact that the aboriginal people or 'Orang Asli' once form the majority of the population, participations from Gua Musang always lighten up MSSM Kelantan chess tournaments. Last year, after I came to prominence as the Head Coach of Gua Musang chess team, we brought 24 enthusiastic students to MSSM Kelantan. As a result, one of our students, Nor Laila from SMK Tengku Bendahara, Jerek, nearly selected to represent Kelantan for the national MSSM chess tournament. For this year, we decided to bring along 34 students to storm the selections. And storm we did, as one of our under-12 kid, Lokman from Paloh, was selected to represent the state to the nationals in Malacca.

Here are some of the pictures at the Gua Musang selection in Jerek:

Sulala Anjang - An Orang Asli who plays chess

Nur Dalilah - Under-15 Female Champion

Mohd Helmy (right) - Under-18 Male Champion

Click here for more pictures.

And click here for pictures of the Gua Musang team at the state selection at SM Teknik, Kuala Krai.

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