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After gruelling three days and two nights at the event, two stars were born. Mohd Alham Zuhri and Wan Nurhazirah made PPD Tumpat proud by representing the state team in the upcoming MSSM.

The results:

Boys U-12

5.Muhd Alham Zuhri 6pts
12.Amir Syariefuddin 5pts
13.Wan Muhd Syazwi 5pts
35.Muhd Zaiful Zulhizman 4pts
57.Muhd Ikram 2pts

Girls U-12

15.Wan Nur Fatin Athirah 5pts
30.Siti Zubaidah 4pts
35.Nur Amani Balqis 4pts
41.Anis Nadhirah 3.5pts
63.Nur Nadzirah 1.5pts

Boys U-15

18.Abdul 'Azim 5pts

24.Haris Daniel 4.5pts
30.Muhd Alif 4pts
39.Muhd Faris Aiman 3.5pts
42.Muhd Aiman Zakwan 3pts

Girls U-15

26.Marlida 4pts
35.Auni Maisarah 4pts
38.Wan Naemah 3.5pts
43.Nur Izzatul Elanie 3pts
54.Nur Husna 2pts

Boys U-18

8.Wan Muhd Zikri 5.5pts
23.Arif 4pts
29.Abdul Haiyi 4pts
33.Rithaudin 4pts
36.Hafidzi 3.5pts

Girls U-18

4.Wan Nurhazirah 6pts
17.Siti Sarah 5pts
34.Tg Haryani 4pts
43.Fatin Amira Syakira 3pts
49.Nur Faizeen 2.5pts

Some interesting facts about the team:
  • The team resided at SMK Sri Aman, Pasir Puteh together with PPD Pasir Mas team.
  • 5 selected players could not play for the tournament and were replaced by others. The replacements did remarkably well themselves.
  • The players, all of whom are Muslims, prayed congregationally at the hostel's surau.
  • The team ate and took a rest in between the pairings at Block F of SMK Dato' Ismail.
  • Cikgu Azizul accidentally killed a kitten under his car at the residential hostel. The same car punctured a tyre the next day at the same hostel. Bad omen?
  • Wan Nurhazirah beat Wan Zarif Sofea in round 4 in just 15 moves.
  • Several members of the team were taken by Cikgu Azizul for a stroll at the Bisikan Bayu beach. They got lost returning home from the beach. Naemah also lost her name tag.
  • Nor Izzatul Elanie is a master shuffler.
  • The boys lost their friendly football game against Pasir Mas' boys. Faris was our top scorer by putting in 2 own goals.
  • Every meal was accompanied by iced tea. The girls hated it.
  • The girls training was from 9-11pm at the girls prep room. The boys training was from 11pm-1am at their dorm. Both trained by Cikgu Azizul.
  • The girls celebrated one of the members' birthday by cutting a small cake.
  • Amir Syariefuddin was the target before the tournament. He had sportingly gave way to Muhd Alham instead in the last round because of a weaker tie-break.
  • Zaiful Zulhizman got his first point in round 3 and lost the point (literally) in round 5. He however got it all back after the final results were confirmed.
  • Wan Muhd Zikri lost a place in the state team because he did not consult Cikgu Azizul before his game against Abdul Haiyi. They drew the game when it should be given to Zikri for his superior tie-break.
  • Haris Daniel was hit with shingles (kayap). He went home separately.

Pictures of Tumpat team:


KaDMaTRiK said...

BudaK PaWn!!!..

fuh..skrang dah jadi che gu chess.. hebak hebak..

majulah chess utk negara.. keep up the good work

n@jd0rf said...

thanks, Kad. Skrg main chess lagi ke?

KaDMaTRiK said...

main gak.. tapi kecil kecilan je..wakil bahagian kat opis je.. skill pun dan berkarat dek lack of prektis.. MAKSWIP sabtu-ahad nih kat dewas risda gi ka? for sure abg rizal ada kat sana jual buku kan? heheheh..

bebudak chess yg lain tah ape crite ..rindu gak nak tau perkembangan no pun dah ilang sebab phone rosak..nih pun jalan2 jumpa lak website nih.hehe

(haiful, irwan, imad, shahkornin, miki,zai,hanif, dan lain lain..) miss old time memory.. kalo ada gambar2 team chess yg lama dapat discankan cantik gak kalo bleh share2)

n@jd0rf said...

ada la dlm folder chess kawe.. kawe keje kat Kelate la.. bukan wakil MAKSWIP.. tapi MAKSAK Kelate...


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