Sunday, October 05, 2008


I like playing chess online. Pitting my brain skills against opponents from all over the world. There are several places where I usually play online chess.


The graphic is quite okay, but the bubble sound is a little bit intimidating. There's only one playing hall to choose from, and it is the biggest drawback of the site, even though the strength of the players are good sometimes. It sends your games to your e-mail.


Great graphic display, easy to play, and save my games in .pgn format by just a click. It has plenty of chess cafe to choose from, even though the quality of the players remains to be seen.


This is actually is a correspondence chess, where moves being made without the players sitting in front of their computers at the same time. You can also send a message with each of your moves and keeping notes on what you intended to do for each position. It is a good place to make your best moves on the board.

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