Monday, October 20, 2008


Every chess player dreams of getting a rating, some for show off, some just to make comparison with their peers, and some for their personal gratification. And then, there is active list, and inactive list. Sadly, I am among the inactive chess players, as I do not play rated game for quite a long time now. I got the final rating from Royal Selangor 2004, and with the rating of 2065 I went into hiding, so to speak, but actually I had no time for playing rated tournament after I finished my studies at IIUM. There is no rated tournament in Kelantan, just a few allegros from time to time.

Well, latest rating placed me 89th, a drop from 47th when I was still in the active list. There are so many talents emerged nowadays, and it can only be good for Malaysia. Here are Malaysia's top ten (taken from FIDE official site):

1 Mas, Hafizulhelmi m MAS 2439 45
2 Lim, Yee-Weng f MAS 2396 11 1982
3 Chan, Nicholas f MAS 2386 0
4 Long, Peter f MAS 2353 0 1961
5 Mok, Tze-Meng f MAS 2308 10
6 Liew, Chee-Meng-Jimmy m MAS 2306 0 1958
7 Lim, Chuing Hoong Ronnie
MAS 2287 0 1983
8 Bakri, Anas Nazreen f MAS 2270 0 1991
9 Foudzi, Siti Zulaikha wm MAS 2218 0 1988
10 Zakaria, Fairin
MAS 2207 8

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