Friday, December 03, 2010


I was under the radar for quite some time, watching the national chess development, especially the Kelantan players. Sadly, the Kelantan's players achievement, or the state chess news were few and far between. There was no Kelantan players representing the country in the recent Asian games, and there was no Kelantan players also winning tournaments around the country during my 'hibernation'. One notable news, however, only of that Mas Hafizulhelmi, who was recovering from dengue.

Equally disappointing was the demise of the Kelate Chess Network, a site supposedly to gather the Kelantan players, due to inactivity. This leads to a question, where have all the players gone? Aren't they internet savvy enough? Apparently not, because the network, created by Nasero, has less than 10 members to date. However, I surely like to think that the 'marketing' of the network was poor, announced only in this blog and Bad Bishop's. It was alarming that many of the chess bloggers or netizens are from other states, and Kelantan players, mainly consisting of MSSM players, were reduced to becoming Facebook users only.

The Persatuan Catur Negeri Kelantan is also in a sorry state. Apart from organising the Kelantan Closed last May, the PCNK is largely ineffective in terms of organising tournaments or receiving memberships and sponsorships. For a chess association, or any association for that matter, to operate fully, they must have support from many members, as well as sponsors, and PCNK right now has none of both.

Therefore, I would like to 'beg' all the state players, please register yourself to be in PCNK. The advantage of being in an association need not to be mentioned, for there are many. Let us all put our efforts together to make Kelantan a heaven for chess activities and networking, and the first step we must take is to make the state association a successful one.


NASSERO said...

koho payoh nok baco blog demo, background mengganggu..

n@jd0rf said...

Adik kawe sdg design site baru utk Kelate Chess Network.. huhu..


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