Friday, November 22, 2013

ANAND vs CARLSEN - Final Episode

Anand finally started with 1.d4. A Nimzo-Indian ensued and we quickly found that Carlsen was under pressure right from the start. He was behind in time and also space and was in danger of being checkmated. However, with nerves of steel, he counter attacked on the opposite wing and got a passed pawn. In the end, this passed pawn contributed to the demise of a champion. 

I really feel sad for Anand. He must win the remaining 3 games to go level and bring the championship into tie breaks. It will be amazing if he really pulls that out, though. If today's game ends in a draw, he will surely regret the draws he had wasted in the first and second games.

Click on the picture to browse the gallery and click on the caption below for the 'live' video. Credit goes to the official website.


abdooss said...

The passing of a new Era.
The King is dead.
Long live the King!

Cikgu Azizul said...

haha. He's not dead yet, so to speak. He will come again stronger. I'm in Carlsen camp, but I was with Anand when he was younger. His games influenced me a lot during my early chess years. But now it's Carlsen era. He completely come out of nowhere (Norway) no pun intended!


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