Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I posted earlier about my dilemma of weighing between playing a rated game in KL or Terengganu. And as it stands, I will not be playing in both, all because of family matters. The reason? I want to spend my time with my family, especially my wife and my son. I am currently teaching in Gua Musang, whereas my wife is furthering her study in UKM, Bangi and my son growing up at my wife's family in Tanah Merah. We only get to be together during holidays, thus spending quality time is very important. I don't want to waste it for some tournament which I know I will not be getting any advantage of, apart from wasting my time and money when I should be saving for our future. However, this does not mean I will not be participating in any rated or unrated tournament ever, but I shall stay low for the time being, and improve my chess skills to better my chances in winning tournaments. Judging from my last two tournaments in Penang and IIUM, I have many flaws to cover. Therefore, playing competitive chess at this time around will not be good to me.

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