Friday, November 07, 2008


I am weighing my options whether to enter Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu Grand Final (PJCT) or KL Open Chess Championship (KLOCC). Before I discuss the pros and cons of both tournaments, I will give some information about them. The former will be held from 18th - 22nd of December at Terengganu Trade Centre, with a total prize fund of RM18,000, and opened to FIDE rated players only plus 30 selected Terengganu players from 5 grand prix series. While the latter will be held from 15th - 21st of December at Bukit Jalil Stadium, with a total prize fund of RM45,000, and opened to all, albeit with different entrance fees according to the categories.

The Similarities
Both tournaments will claim at least a week of my time from my family. Both will be rated tournaments and will offer a large sum of prize money.

The Pros and Cons
The entry fee for PJCT is RM50 only while the entry fee for KLOCC is RM200 (Open Category). I will have a difficulty in finding a lodging place for PJCT while I have plenty of choices for KLOCC. The level of play for KLOCC will arguably be higher than PJCT (although I admit I will have difficulties in both). I will play against more GMs, IMs and FMs in KLOCC than in PJCT. I will undoubtedly drop more rating points in KLOCC than in PJCT.

The Verdict
I will tell you later because it will involve my family and 2 rakaats of Istikharah prayer!


hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Of course it's a difficult chooise Zul.

Funnily at first i thought u should clearly choose terengganu Open because it nearer !

Anyway my humble opinion is it depend . Below are things that u might consider:-

i) what's ur objective?
- play for exposure/experience?
-play for winning prize?
-play for fun?
-play for rating?
-play for stronger opponent ? GM,IM,FM etc

note" KL Open probably will features stronger players and better prizes money but the stronger the players the harder for u too win prize!

I predict a few "opportunist" strong player will play in Terengganu which have better chance for winning prize!

ii) cost ( if u have tight budget!)
- which is cost effective - entry fee, lodging,travel exspense
( cheap!)
- but of course if u think u might have chance to win money prizes, it may compensate ur tournament exspenses

iii) days
terengganu open - 5 days
KL open - 5 days

same total of days but probably KL u need to add one or two days if u travel by car, bus

iv) family

if u bring ur family at eitheir tournament so probably not to much problem regarding family but...make sure u arrange some activeties for them!

so..thats a few thought of minds...hope it helps

n@jd0rf said...

Thanks, Hairul. I will contemplate on that, insha Allah.


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