Tuesday, August 19, 2014


After a long absence in the chess scene, Marzuki Yaacob emerged unscathed in the Darulnaim College of Technology Chess Open. Winning 5 games and drawing once proved that his chess skills are still a force to be reckoned with. Even though Mohd Ariez got the same amount of points, Marzuki topped the standing due to the better tie break score. Here is the top ten results for the Open category:

1. Marzuki Yaacob 5.5 points
2. Mohd Ariez Azman 5.5
3. Muhammad Syakir Mohd Zain 5
4. Muhammad Zudi Mustapha 4
5. Muhammad Syazwan Mohd Zain 4
6. Ahmad Alif Irfan 4
7. Alif Omar Saufi 3.5
8. Khairul Aznan Mohd Kamal 3.5
9. Mohd Hafidz Mat Daud 3
10. Nik Mohd Nazri Nik Hasan 3

The turnout was immense. There were more than 100 participants in all three categories. Aqiel Faeeq was the champion for the Secondary School category while Nurfarhah Irdina was the champion in the Primary School category, both with 5.5 points. 

Of my charges from SMK Chabang Empat, Maznie Madri managed to get best third female player in the Secondary School category. My son 'Ammar, 6 years old, was still getting some tournament practice. He won a game, drew a game and lost 4 others.   

Here are some pictures from the event:

The lovely assistants

A mother coaxing her child to make a move - unsuccessfully

Nik Nazri was quite off

Mohd Syakir beat people twice his age

Marzuki and one of his victims

'Ammar was concentrating

The tournament hall was big enough

A loving father

Isabel Yearian vs Nurfarhah Irdina

Otais - Ariez, Marzuki, Nik Nazri and Khairul Aznan

Maznie was third best female in Secondary School category

SMK Chabang Empat players



Frankie Kam said...

Hi. I enjoy reading your blog with all your Kelantan chess updates. Thank you for your passion in chess and for its development in Malaysia. Your English is very good! Would like to E-mail you to discuss computer chess and on how Malaysia can get its first GM. Frankie Kam, PJ Selangor.

Cikgu Azizul said...

I think we have met before, right? I was around KL for quite some time when I was still studying in Gombak. Well, I mainly only update on Kelantan chess, but sometimes on anything I am interested in.

I don't really enjoy computer chess, the latest engine I have is ancient Shredder 5.32 in my computer.

However, I like good discussions and am looking forward for your email. But, I reply when I'm free, because, being a teacher, I'm in the middle of exam fever, if you know what I mean.


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