Sunday, March 29, 2009


Abdullah vs Sulaiman

Date: 28 March 2009
Venue: Raudhah Hotel, Kota Bharu
Format: 6 Rounds Swiss System
Organizer: Silent Knight Event Management
Arbiter: Mr. Muhammad bin Arshad

Sulaiman Johari overcame the odds to emerge as the first champion of the Silent Knight Rapid Tournament ahead of the tournament favourite, Abdullah Che Hassan. He collected 5 wins and lost a game to Abdullah, but won because of a better tie break. Abdullah took second place with also 5 wins but his winning streak was stopped short by third place winner in the last round, Abdul Khalid Musa. Siti Aishah Sabirin edged a host of male players to become champions of under-18 (and under-12) category with 6 straight wins. This include a win against her closest rival, Wan Muhammad Imran, who lost in the last round and took second place. Third place was given to Noor Hisyam Ahyat who also had 5 points but with a weaker tie break.

For full result, check these websites (open or under-18) or browse Badbishops blog.

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