Friday, February 05, 2010


I managed to build a bridge, again (I did it against another online opponent here). This is a basic rook ending any chess player has to know by heart. It was quite easy to find it, through enough training. So, my young padawans, please don't play truant. Training continues this Sunday and please be ON TIME!

The critical endgame position started with the diagram:

After 46.Re4

Black eliminates one of White pawns by exchanging it with 46...h5! The game continues 47. gxh5 Rxh5 48. Rg4 g5 49. Kc3 Kb5 50. Kb3 Rh3+ 51. Kc2 Rh4

After 51...Rh4

Black kills any hope for White to win the game by exchanging the last pawn. From now on, it is Black who has all the initiative. 52. Rxg5+ Kxb4 53. Rg8 c5 54. Rb8+ Kc4 55. Kd2 Rh2+ 56. Ke3 Kc3 57. Rc8 c4 58. Rc7 Rh3+ 59. Ke2 Rd3 60. Rc8 Rd4 61. Ke3 Rh4 62. Ke2 Kc2 63. Ke3 c3 64. Rg8 Rh3+ 65. Ke2 Rh2+ 66. Ke1 Kc1 67. Rc8 c2 68. Rb8 Rh5

Starting the bridge

Rook on the 4th rank is the starting of 'The Bridge'. White is helpless. 69. Rb7 Re5+ 70. Kf2 Kd2 71. Rd7+ Kc3 72. Rc7+ Kd3 73. Rd7+ Kc4 0-1

The final position

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w said...

nice game. but it was obvious draw from the start.

52.Rxg5+ Kxb4 The position is obvious draw 53.Rg8
[ 53.Rg3 going for a la philidor position is the simplest
53..Rc4+ 54.Kb2 c5 55.Rf3 ]
53...c5 54.Rb8+ Kc4 55.Kd2?!
[ Not yet a mistake.Simpler is aiming for Philidor
position again. 55.Rg8 Rh2+ 56.Kc1
or playing for 2nd philidor setup 55.Rc8 ]
55...Rh2+ 56.Ke3?? losing move. White should maintain
his King in front of black passer or going to short side
[ 56.Kc1 Kc3 57.Kb1 Rh1+ ( 57...c4 58.Rc8 Rh1+ 59.Ka2
Rc1 60.Rh8 rook go to long side to give lateral check,
and if black try to prevent check with 60..Rd1 61.Rc8
white simply return back) 58.Ka2 simply going to short
side to give rook enough checking distance on long side.
This also explain white the knight pawn would be
winning in this case as there are no short side for the
defending King.58...c4 59.Rc8 Rc1 60.Rh8 Rd1 61.Rc8
Kd3 ( 61...Rd4 62.Kb1 black cannot make progress as
Kd2 63.Kb2 ) 62.Kb2= and white had establish Karstedt
defence ]
56...Kc3 Black is winning coz white cannot prevent lucena
position. 57.Rc8 c4 58.Rc7 Rh3+
59.Ke2 Rd3 60.Rc8 Rd4 61.Ke3 Rh4 62.Ke2 Kc2 ...0-1

So, although its actually a draw, it worth to continue playing as our opponent may not know or he just in nick of time.


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