Saturday, February 20, 2010


I selected several players to represent the school in this year's MSS for Tumpat district. Regrettably, there is only one category will be contested, i.e. under 18, and each school can only bring 6 players. Nevertheless, here are the lucky names:

1. Mohamad Ashari bin Seman (5 SH) - Captain
2. Ahmad Zul Khairi bin Md Noor (5 SK)

3. Muhammad Shahril bin Ismail (5 SK)

4. Siti Salmiah binti Abdul Rajab (5 SH)

5. Tg. Haryani Norlaini binti Tg. Hanafi (5 SH)

6. Nor Izzatul Elanie binti Mustafah (1 B)

They have already trained several basic concepts such as chess introduction, notation, checkmate patterns, techniques, and control of the centre. With only a week of training remaining, I have to prepare them for tournament play. I hope at least one of them will represent the district in the upcoming state competition.

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