Saturday, April 09, 2011


The above position is a game between me and an online opponent. White's position is a nightmare with inferior pawn positions - two doubled pawns, 4 pawn islands and on top of that, a pawn less than Black. However, Black's last move 20... c6 was a mistake. He failed to see White's dangerous threat. I'll let you work out White's 21st move.


awesome knight said...

Answer for the game position:

last move of black 21...c6 and white glad to play 22.f4 push pawn forward to attack black rook and leave black knight without guard. if black play:

22..exf4 (en-passant) 23.Rxe5 cxe5 24.Bxf5+ win black knight.Although white win black knight his position is still not safe. White must co-ordination his king,rook and bishop to block the passed black pawn. white must improve his position before his can use his advantages of bishop.The black d,e and f pawn is more dangerous and white must deal with it first.

iiumchessmaster said...

sape awak sbnrnya awesome knight? your answer is right.. and I had to play on my toes, luckily he blundered again by exchanging a pair or rooks. I will post the whole variation in my next post..


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