Sunday, May 02, 2010


At last, Anand's Catalan was stopped. After disastrous tries in Game Two and Game Four, Topalov managed a draw against the Catalan in Game Six. The players repeated the moves from Game Two until Anand deviated with 10.Bg5 (previously he played 10.Bd2). This time he had to part early with his Catalan bishop and subsequent play lead to the same passed b-pawn for Anand, albeit with different result. Whereas in Game Two the pawn ensured his victory, this time the pawn did not get the marching orders. I wonder what will happen if Anand played 34.Nb4 blockade instead of the actual 34.Nc5 and pressurized the d4 pawn? Nevertheless, Anand still leads with a point heading to the third recess.

Viewing the live video telecast, I shared non-chess players views on whether chess game should be aired on the tube. Looking at the participants sitting at the table without even a twitch will surely bore the viewers. I wonder if even chess players enjoy watching the match if there is no live commentary by GM Zurab. Maybe the cameras should zoom to the face of each players to see their face expressions throughout the match, and not statically placed like what they provided at the official website.

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