Friday, June 25, 2010


One of the Kelantan players, Nasrul Humaimi a.k.a. Naserov, interviewed the manager of Kelantan National Chess Championship team, Mr. Norazlin Juarih a.k.a. BadBishops. Here is the English version (the original version was in Kelantan dialect) of the interview.

Naserov (NV): Assalamu'alaikum. Have you finished playing?

BadBishops (BB): Wa'alaikumussalam. Yes, and I won the last game to finish with 4 points.

NV: Congratulations! Well, can you enlighten us as to how Kelantan players get 2 pieces of t-shirts this year?

BB: These t-shirts are sponsored by Arina Indah Enterprise and Anuza Enterprise. It is hoped that wearing the t-shirts, the players will play with more spirit, and in turn, the name of Kelantan Chess Association (PCNK) will be significantly upheld.

NV: In that case, I want to thank you because I also get 2 of these red t-shirts.

BB: Do you came all the way here just to interview me about the t-shirts?

NV: No (Laughing out loud). What is your comment about the performance of the Kelantan players?

BB: I am very satisfied with their performance, especially Nik (Ahmad Farouqi). He battled to the death with Tan Khai Boon in the final round to get the National Master title. If he wins, he gets it, but if he loses, he still gets the top 10. This is only good for the PCNK's name.

NV: What about other players?

BB: Syed (Azizi) also played well. He surely did not disappoint coming here as the Kelantan champion. His performance surely merits the FIDE rating. The strategy was.. a loaf of bread each day! Luckily he did not eat rotten bread for the third day.

NV: How about me?

BB: You also played well, especially against the kids (laughing). But the kids here are very good players. I also lost a game against one of the kids where I thought that I fake a mistake, but it turned out to be a real mistake! Very unfortunate. Madir (Wan Mahadzir) was also checkmated early against one of them, and he reacted by opening a blog! I don't know what is the blog address, though. (The blog is The Spirit of BarBat Catur)

NV: Don't you want to comment about your own games?

BB: I played from the back of the bunch, because I don't want to burden myself with heavy games. From there, kids asked for my autographs, albeit only for their score sheets after our games (laughing).

NV: Anything else you want to add?

BB: Yes. I want to give credits to other Kelantan players - Madir (Wan Mahadzir), (Wan) Tarmizi, (Siti Nur) Afiqah and Najihah for their efforts to finish all their games and ended with respectable points. For your information, Madir and Tarmizi played on their own tickets, not under the PCNK.

NV: That's good. At least they did not go home empty handed. One more thing, do you personally agree that it is good to hold this tournament at places like this (UKM)?

BB: Certainly. The venue is magnificent, the lodging is satisfactory, and the cafe is nearby. Even the organizers and the arbiters played their parts well. Not all chess players afford to stay at expensive hotels in the middle of the city, even more so for a five-day tournament like this. I think it will increase participations in the future.

NV: I second that. The more affordable, the more participation. I heard that you bought a CD for preparation to enter again next year?

BB: I did. I bought a CD worth RM5 from Andrew Oii a.k.a. GilaChess. I want to study over 900 opponent pictures for my preparation. I hope I can create novelties from there.

NV: Wow! I think we better stop here because I sense there is something wrong with you, studying pictures for chess preparation.

BB: I think so too. Please go and interview other players because I'm tired now. But before that, let's grab a glass of fresh orange each.

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