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From this position, White continues with 21.f4!.

Black's reply 21... exf3 en passant is practically forced so as not to lose a piece without any compensation. 22. Rxe5 fxe5 23.Bxf5+ Kc7

Now, Black has to rely on his passed pawns on e and f files to counter White's extra piece. White, on the other hand, has to find the way to exchange the Rook, or else, he has to play accurately using the combination of his Bishop and Rook (and his King, if needed) to stop the pawns. But first, White has to disrupt Black's pawn formation while at the same time solving his problematic double c-pawns.

24. c4 e4 Black continues his pawn march. Any of 24... d4 or 24... dxc4 will cost him the passed pawns. 25. cxd5 e3

The pawns look menacing, but in actual, it can easily be stopped by the Bishop. All White has to do now was to exchange the Rooks. White continues 26.d6+ Rxd6 27.Rxd6 Kxd6 28.Bg4

The pawns are stopped. 28... f2 29.Be2 Ke5 30.c3 Ke4 31.Kc2

White has to bring his King to visit Black's Queenside pawns. For this, he has to use his a-pawn to help the King. If Black scurries back to defend the pawns, White can switch the plan by attacking the passed pawns instead. 31... h5 32.Kb3 h4 33.Kb4 b6 34.a4 Kd5 35.Kb3 a6 36.Kc2 Ke4 37.Kb3 b5

38.Kb4 bxa4 39.Kxa4 Kf4? Black misses his chance to draw. He should try 39... f1=Q! and the game should draw. For example, 40.Bxf1 Kf3 41.Bxa6 e2 42.Bxe2+ Kxe2 43.Kb4 Kf2 44.Kc5 Kg2 45.Kxc6 Kxh3 46.Kd6 Kxh2 47.c4 Kg3 48.c5 h3 49.c6 h2 50.c7 h1=Q 51.c8=Q 1/2-1/2

40.Ka5 Ke5 41.Kxa6 Kd6 42.Ka5 Kc5 43.Ka4 Kd5 44.Kb4 c5+ 45.Kb5 Kd6 46.Kb6 Kd5 47.Kc7

White has a luxury of time in targeting any of the Black's pawns at c5, h4, e3 and f2. While Black has to constantly guard the squares around them in order to stop White's King. Still, Black's best chance is to queen the f pawn and escorts his e-pawn to force the exchange of White's Bishop. 47... c4

A big mistake. Now White switches his target for the c-pawn. The end is near. 48.Kb6 Kd6 49.Kb5 Kd5 50.Bxc4+ Ke4 51.Be2 1-0

Final position

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