Tuesday, May 03, 2011


After a gruelling 5 days (or half days), the centralized training for the PPD Tumpat chess team has ended. The module for the u-12, u-15 and u-18 has been successfully implemented. The climax - a simultaneous chess display by Cikgu Azizul - was held on the last day against 24 players (u-15 and u-18). The result was never in doubt, but at least all had given their best before succumbing to the head coach. Nevertheless, one managed to squeeze a draw, showing maturity beyond his age. Hopefully, PPD Tumpat will provide more ammunition for the state team, as it already had by providing two of its own, last year. This year, the darling is still hungry for more success, but she is not the only one who is targeted to wear the state colours. But time will tell, whether the PPDT will become more successful than previously.

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mana result MSSK


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